Who Shot The Gun?

Chapter 33

Dare ga jū o utta?
Cover Characters

Who Shot The Gun? is the thirty-third chapter in the Are You Alice? manga series.


"The game from now on...?"


A flashback appeared where the White Rabbit gave the March Hare his name upon his arrival. The March Hare thanks the White Rabbit for this, which is the first time the latter has received one. The March Hare asks him why, but the White Rabbit just laughs at his question, thinking he is a weird person.

At his shop, the Mad Hatter comments that nothing can be done since it is already eleven o'clock. He tends to Alice's fractured bone, and Alice thanks him for taking care of him. Alice tells him that everyone is "busy", and the Mad Hatter replies that perhaps people such as the White Rabbit and the Queen of Hearts are stressed. Alice clarifies that everyone is "busy" in such a way that, as Wonderland's Alice, no one visited him when he was ill, leaving the two quarreling orally. In the middle of their fiery conversation, someone knocks on the door. Alice buttons up his shirt while the Hatter reads newspaper. As Alice goes for the door, the Hatter instructs him to shoot the customer if it is the Cheshire Cat. Outside, the Hatter hears the fire of Alice's gun, thinking that he shot. Alice did shot, but he missed his target, since it is not the Cheshire Cat but the March Hare, and March Hare took cover of the attack, trembling. The Hatter inquires if Alice killed the Cat peacefully, but Alice answers that it is a Rabbit. The March Hare shouts at Alice who he thinks is a bad guy, having done something so sudden and dangerous. He explains to the two and apologizes, provided that Alice will not shoot him. Fortunately, the Hatter explains to Alice that the lad is his customer, Mitsuki, and that it is safe to put away his gun.



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