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Shiro usagi

"Usa-chan" (by Cheshire Cat); "Snowy" (by the March Hare)
Manga Debut
Voice Actor
Morikubo Shoutarou

The White Rabbit (白ウサギ, Shiro usagi) is a character of the manga series, Are You Alice? He brings people who have thrown away their past to Wonderland and gives them a new name.


Originally the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, a mysterious event torn apart Wonderland the day he broke from the story and Lewis Carrol had a mental breakdown.  Becoming a living, breathing human with his own thoughts and feelings, the Cheshire Cat revealed to the White Rabbit what became of "Alice": she was dead, killed off by the author.  Setting himself on the mission to repair the story, he recreated Wonderland and set out gathering humans who had lost their way of life.

At one point, he found either an amnesic Alice Liddel or found the original Alice in Wonderland and, dubbing them Marianne, became their caretaker.  Marianne may have been the reason the White Rabbit fell into insanity, as he developed a crush on her that turned into overwhelming love.

He's the creator of the game to kill the White Rabbit.  He made it once he realized that only the original Alice would be able to "complete the story", as in catching the rabbit.  However, he has no ill grudges against anyone in Wonderland (save for a mysterious hatred of the Cheshire Cat).  Within the CD dramas, he's been heard appearing during the Alice Fixed Holiday, for instance.


White Rabbit and Alice

The White Rabbit and Alice meet for the first time

The White Rabbit is a pale lad who appears to have a pair of two large ears reaching up to his waist. His height is 164 cm (5'5"1/2). He has white, short hair with a little black hat on top of his head, a pair of large maroon eyes and wears a black formal suit where a large ribbon hangs around his collar. He wears a pair of black capri shorts with a brown, bulky belt where his sword is attached and a pair of black knee-high boots.


The White Rabbit has a tough and stubborn personality. His affection for "Marianne" is extreme, for he is willing to do anything for her, even for his own death. He is also shown to be very cautious, often wielding his sword at the first sign of danger. He is rather cold to everyone, but his cold and negative personality is an outcome of his sadness and fear from his past. He tries to hide his feeling behind an emotionless mask, but he actually softens up for a moment when the March Hare says that they are friends.


  • The White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland was quick to panic and tended to be rude when such.  He's remembered as the reason why Alice stumbled into Wonderland, as he appeared above ground wearing his waistcoat, looked at his pocket watch, and hurried off right in front of Alice.  At one point, he confuses Alice for his maid Mary Ann and scolds her for being outside and orders her to run to his house and pick up a pair of his gloves and a fan.  Later on, he shows up by the Queen's side, taking messages for her and even reading the court proceedings for her.
    • In terms of differences, it can be said that the Are You Alice? White Rabbit has become jaded, bitter, and insane from the ten years of work and stress.  A key difference, though, is their eyes - in the original book, the White Rabbit was described as having pink eyes, a New Zealand Rabbit, but here the White Rabbit is usually shown with brown eyes.
  • The White Rabbit's favorite book is Alice in Wonderland.
  • The White Rabbit's favorite colour is red.


  • "No time!"
  • "Wait a little longer, Marianne..."
  • "I will save Alice. Because that is what Alice wants!"
  • "Friends, eh...?"
  • (To Alice) "...Is it worth to murder me?"

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