The Town Square is a site where the Duke created a ruckus at Wonderland. Inhabitants were shown to be hurt or even killed because of its violence.

Root of RuckusEdit

The Duke was searching for Alice when it was confronted by the Mad Hatter, the Duchess, Alice and also the Cheshire Cat for its "excessive obsession" of Alice; nearly killing the residents when it turned savage and went berserk.


As Alice is "currently" stucked at the narrow path of Caterpillar Lane, the Mad Hatter leaves him and faces the Duke, but is halted by the Duchess for the reason that regrets will overflow the country. But when the Duke sees the Duchess as not the real Alice, it attacks the little girl but was saved by its pet cat, the Cheshire Cat, which was badly injured.

Out of nowhere, Alice "saves the day" (with the help of the Dormouse) as he bravely faces the Duke proclaiming with pride that he is indeed the Alice of Wonderland when the Mad Hatter was about to shoot the Duke, which made him missed his target.

Alice is then brought to another world when he gets eaten and he meets Marianne, whom he calls his "big sister" but was "saved" by the White Rabbit's appearance in the scene.

The Queen beheads the Duchess for not fulfilling her duty as Alice's replacement thus, exposing Alice to danger.

The White Rabbit then searches and replaces another new Duchess who shall act as Alice's replacement.


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