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The Regrets' first appearance as black oozes

The Regrets are one of the creatures which exist in Wonderland. They first appear in Chapter 1, when the Cheshire Cat was guiding Alice to meet the Queen of Hearts. So far in the series, they acted as the antagonist against Alice, who even tried to kill him.


They are created from humans' regrets, mostly because humans tend to cling to their past. They linger in Wonderland, and mostly appear whenever a person "looks back." It is told that Regrets only wish to stay by the side of humans they like.


Regrets could take the form of black oozes or even a perfect human girl; usually resembling Alice's common appearance. It is unknown if they can be more violent than their current forms.

Goals of ExistenceEdit

Care you alice ch1 pg31 fe

The Regrets' first appearance as a girl

The Cheshire Cat told Alice that there are three categories of people that Regrets choose to linger around:
  1. "Alice of Wonderland",
  2. humans; three seconds prior committing suicides,
  3. humans without purpose.

The reason why Regrets choose to linger around "Alice" is never stated explicitly, but it is known that Regrets are also the form taken by girls who failed to become "Alice" in the past. So it is speculated that they regretted their failures at becoming "Alice" and choose to stay around the new "Alice." It is still unclear whether this form is only the embodiment of the girls' regrets or their own souls trapped in Wonderland.

They claimed that the name "Alice" is still theirs and they want the current "Alice" to give their names back. They did things as far as trying to kill Alice. Notable examples of how the "Alice" Regrets act toward him is by hugging and even kissing him. It is also unknown why and how it affects his status as "Alice," and how they will react if the "Alice" is not a male. Either way, the kiss seemed to have a nauseating effect, probably because of the abundant negative emotion towards Alice inside the Regrets themselves.

Some embodiments of the past "Alice" also have distinct personalities, even though it's unclear if it's taken from one or many Alices altogether.

A Regret whose story was told thoroughly using flashbacks was the 88th Alice; the "Alice" directly before the current one.


Mad Hatter, whose job is to protect "Alice", could expel the Regrets by shooting bullets at them.

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