The Queen's Croquet-Ground

Chapter 12

Joō no kurokkē-gurando
Cover Characters

The Queen's Croquet-Ground is the twelfth chapter of the Are You Alice? manga series.


"Upon whom will the goddess of victory smile...?"


At a "dirty" kitchen, the sullen White Rabbit is quite annoyed about the March Hare's sudden appearance who does not listen to him who keeps on calling him by the White Rabbit, where the March Hare suddenly shouts his name given by the White Rabbit himself, to much of his surprise.

Trembling hardly, the White Rabbit admits that it is for Alice's sake that he became too effete. The March Hare adds that he heard that a "real" Alice has really come where the White Rabbit tells him that it has nothing to do with him which the March Hare clearly accepts that for he wasn't given any abilities by him. Moreso, the only thing he received from him is his name so let him be at least worried about him; that it's got nothing to do with rules or abilities but it's because he is his friend. The White Rabbit may have been enlightened with what he said but he wants him to quit calling him, "Snowy" but the March Hare refuses. The March Hare gets some tea, leaving the White Rabbit behind. Then suddenly, Marianne appears and asks him if he wants to be happy and the White Rabbit answers her that something like dying for her sake would be happiness to him. She, then, asks the White Rabbit if he wants to die and the White Rabbit replies with a yes.

Elsewhere, Alice, with the Queen and Knave of Hearts, were stuck in a place where the Queen was surrounded by many girls, which made the Knave jealous (written in his placard where he always brings and uses to communicate), and Alice bored. They continued their journey where Alice and the Queen had a little conversation inside the carriage. The Queen tells Alice that without a doubt, he thinks that "Alice" is very charming but the respective things that people like are both the things for what they are and for what they see in themselves; furthermore, within Wonderland are pathetic men as well, who can love no one but "Alice" which made Alice surprised. Alice asks what his job even and the Queen seriously tells him that his job as the "Queen" is to preserve and manage the peace of Wonderland. Suddenly, the Queen blurts out just who in the world is Alice which made Alice much surprised. Finally, they have arrived at the place.

One of the three little children inside a broken house, tells his two of his friends to run for they could get killed; and that he definitely won't forgive them: the Duke, the Queen of Hearts and even Alice.


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