The first "Alice" Regret Alice encounters

The other Alices have been the former candidates of being Alice of Wonderland though they have failed to become the real Alice for certain reasons. They are now nameless and they have eventually became regrets that may take form into black oozes and then into human girls.

Former AlicesEdit

Other Unnamed AlicesEdit

There were many other Alices who appears in the form of a perfect human girl or black oozes who remains in Wonderland, clinging to the name 'Alice' and continually reappears to Alice if he rather thinks of other things.

88th AliceEdit

The 88th Alice was a former Alice who is rather determined and very motivated into becoming the real Alice. She truly desires to be acknowledged by her teacher.

Reason of Demise: She was stabbed and was killed by the Cheshire Cat for being a "fake" Alice.

Current AliceEdit

89th AliceEdit

Alice is the 89th Alice of Wonderland. He is protected by the Mad Hatter and was "named" by the Cheshire Cat when he arrives at Wonderland. He is hunted by visions of a girl who is Marianne, his sister.


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