The 88th Alice

88th Manga

第八十八アリス, Dai hachi jū hachi arisu

後悔, Kōkai

Manga Debut
Voice Actor
Tamura Yukari

The 88th Alice (第八十八アリス, Dai hachi jū hachi arisu), also known as "Regret", is a character of the manga series, Are You Alice? She was the former candidate of being the "Alice of Wonderland" before the 89th due to her sudden death by the hands of the Cheshire Cat.  It is very possible that she still holds the title and rules of "Alice", as the White Rabbit never officially passed it on.


The 88th Alice was a girl chosen by the White Rabbit to take the "role" as "Alice of Wonderland" before the current one, the 89th Alice. Since she couldn't finish the game of killing the White Rabbit, she failed to become Alice thus, lingers in Wonderland as a Regret, like the other failed Alices.

In her first appearance in Chapter 11, she is a Regret in a perfect human form, and was seen talking with the Cheshire Cat, and clearly expressed hatred toward him. She stated that it was his fault that she couldn't become Alice, while she also stated that she was the closest one to be Alice, and furthermore the best, too. She also mentioned that "Sensei" would have acknowledged her in being Alice.

In a flashback, it was revealed that the reason she failed to become Alice was because she was unexpectedly stabbed by Cheshire Cat, which led to her death. In one of the manga extras the reader finds out that she loves her "sensei" (the Mad Hatter).

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