Scrape Bottom

Chapter 6

Sukureipu soko

Scrape Bottom is the sixth chapter of the Are You Alice? manga series.  It does not follow any drama CD.


"There's nothing. A world where only useless people exist."


The first scene of the chapter is that Alice ponders why he was born, and how he can get out of Wonderland, which he doesn't know, but wishes to find a way to. But he thought of an idea; if someone is in need of him, he'll do anything. Because he wants to be acknowledgment that he exists, he desires someone to call his name. But all of a sudden, it is revealed that he was just dreaming, and someone was wakes him up, which is the Mad Hatter. As Alice didn't "hear" the Mad Hatter, the Mad Hatter reached for his gun and shot up in the air, "waking" Alice up. Then, the Mad Hatter asks Alice on how long he is going to stay in bed, because they will be going already. Surprised at having slept for so long, Alice asks the Mad Hatter what time it is, and the Mad Hatter responsed that it is six o'clock. After the short process of waking up Alice, the Mad Hatter grabs Alice and goes off. It is shown that Alice doesn't want to go, because he wants the Mad Hatter to listen to him more. The Mad Hatter just answered that Alice is an "idiot."

On the destination, the Mad Hatter explains that if Alice is Alice of Wonderland, he should make the effort to play the game. The Mad Hatter throws a bottle to Alice, which made Alice to ask what it is. But the Mad Hatter told Alice that he doesn't want to make him repeat himself, so Alice just needs to do what he is supposed to do - capture the mouse.

At a bar, it is seen that there is a man yawning. He say that he has a bad feeling on since the 89th Alice appeared. Alice is seen with the Mad Hatter, walking down the streets, still thinking about what happened with the Duchess. On the streets, people keep glancing at Alice, when a kid slams into him, which made him remember the Duchess. As seen on the face of the kid, he is surprised to confront Alice, and much to his shock, he asks the child how he was supposed to know the name of Alice; however, the kids just cries and runs off, admitting their mistake. Slowly, the Mad Hatter put on his hat onto Alice, dragging him over. The Mad Hatter explains that all the residents of Wonderland know that Alice is the Alice of Wonderland, also, that no one wants to get involved with Alice. The Mad Hatter also reveals that he is the only one that he can only protect Alice, which made Alice point out that Mad Hatter has accompanied the previous Alice.

Alice, about to say the reason if he can't become Alice, is stopped by the Mad Hatter, because they have reached their destination; the Caterpillar Lane. Removing his hat, Alice thinks of the place as "tacky," but the Mad Hatter thinks of the place as "normal." Alice complains that what is considered normal in Wonderland isn't normal at all, while the Mad Hatter is serious with something. Sticking his head on the little space, Alice complains again, on how they are going to do in the Caterpillar Lane. Because of his obduracy, Alice can't get his head out, wherein he asks help from the Mad Hatter.

On the next scene, it is shown that the Mad Hatter is shown "worried," with others like the Cheshire Cat, the Dormouse, the Knave of Hearts with the Queen of Hearts and the White Rabbit as "Marianne has found Alice." Just then, the Duke shows up again. Without knowing, Alice shouts on the Mad Hatter to hurry up and help him. The Mad Hatter clarified that Alice should stay in his status of being stuck, and the Mad Hatter left Alice, running. Panicking, Alice asked for help from anybody. The Duke again spits out the name of Alice, whom it is in search of, wherein the Mad Hatter finds big trouble. On the phrase the Duke uttered on (My lovely Alice), the Mad Hatter "insulted" the Duke that Alice doesn't belong to it.

On a distant view of the Queen and Knave of Hearts, the Queen asks on what the "replacement" is doing, it came to his mind that "she" is confined in the mansion as usual, and it seems that she had been stopping the Duke from going out of control last night after he had finished swallowing all of her regrets. According to the Queen himself, he was reminded of it again--that Wonderland is a trash can, wherein the Knave of Hearts was astonished. But the Queen explained that there is nothing to worry about, since the Hatter is with him. But the Queen is more interested with one thing--on how the Duke knew that the real Alice was in Wonderland. The Queen said that it is the first time something like that incident happened, and even bet that the White Rabbit is even surprised. He asks the 89th Alice on how he intends to take the responsibility.

Succeeding the previous scene, Alice still struggles to get his head out. Alice believes that his condition is impossible. He also recalled on where the Mad Hatter went. Alice thought why the Mad Hatter can calmly fire his gun like that the moment it wasn't Alice, when a strange-looking man asks Alice if he is scared of the Mad Hatter. But the man explains that it is natural, because even the Mad Hatter gives up his time to the Queen to achieve his goal. It is also seen that the man holds a key between his fingers and continues to explain that he probably only cares for the story to end. It is seen that the key is used for opening a "lock," wherein Alice was freed for being stuck. Without knowing what happened, the man continues to speak. He tells Alice that one must show his/her loyalty to the Queen before entering the Caterpillar Lane; one will die a quick death if he/she is too proud. The man notices the bottle that the Mad Hatter gave him. Suddenly, Alice asks his name, but does not recieve the needed answer. Instead, he again imparted that it is against the rules in Wonderland to carelessly tell someone one's name, and also the White Rabbit will be mad if one doesn't take care of his/her name properly, asking Alice if that is right.

Angered, the Duke continues to find Alice, wherein the Mad Hatter orders it to return to the trash house, because it will cease to exist if it disobeys the rules given to him. But the Duke still continues to search for Alice. Without any other choice, the Mad Hatter gets his gun and plans to shoot the Duke, but the Duchess appears and tells the Hatter that if he will shoot the Duke, Wonderland will overflow with regrets. He replies that he knows that much, and he cannot do anything unless it turns against Alice anyway. It is also said that the Hatter is neither ordered by the Queen, and "reminds" the Duchess that her job is to do something about "trash." With this, the Duchess now describes the Mad Hatter as "awful," and the Hatter doesn't need to stop her, since she is Alice's replacement at all, and the Mad Hatter doesn't have a choice but to listen to her.

With the Hatter away, the Duchess orders the monster to be good and they will go home, and she is the monster's Alice. But, it senses that she is not Alice and she should bring it the real Alice. With the monster about to attack her, she says that she still want to hear more of Alice's story. The Duke has to target the Duchess, but the Cheshire Cat saves the life of his dear mistress. The Cheshire Cat embraced the Duchess, apologizing to her because he can't pretend not to notice at all.


Trivia and ErrorsEdit

  • To "scrape the bottom of the barrel" means to get the absolute worst of what's left over.  It hints at the themes to come in the following chapters: the trash can that is Wonderland is the scrape bottom to the Queen, the Duke's actions are the worst event yet to Wonderland, and so on.
  • To wake Alice up, the Hatter fires his gun into the ceiling.  Considering he lives in an apartment building...
  • When Alice looks at the clock, it reads 2:00, the same time Alice and the Hatter went to see the Queen of Hearts the day before.
  • Despite it being in the middle of the night, Wonderland is busy as always and the sky, for the most part, is white (indicating daytime).  One panel does show a darkened sky, but it largely remains uncolored.
  • The three children Alice run into later reappear as friends of the Duchess.  Whether this was coincidence or always planned is unknown.
  • The sign to Caterpillar Lane is labeled in Japanese, despite the fact that Are You Alice? takes place in a vague British location.
  • It noted that the person in the hooded robe is smoking a hookah, though, which the Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland was doing when Alice found it.  Said hookah disappears without ever being picked up, and almost immediately afterwards the Duke kills the said hooded man, leaving only his robe behind.  It's possible that the man with the scarf was disguised as this character, but it's unlikely since, at the time, he was at the bar.
  • The Queen's heart tattoos have suddenly become black and remain that way for the rest of the manga.
  • The Duke has grown several times bigger than last we saw him.  He's also holding Alice's tie, but considering he doesn't really have fingers or the intelligence to unknot it, it's unknown how he got it straight.
  • When first seen standing beside the Queen, Jack was only a few inches taller.  In this chapter, he's suddenly a lot taller, with a considerable height difference between him and the Queen.

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