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The fragments of memory are dazzlingly beautiful...

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Remnant, stylised as REMNANT, is chapter 14 of the Are You Alice? manga series.


In a flashback, three children anticipate the 88th Alice who asks the Mad Hatter to hurry, for they shall find the Dormouse at once and finish the game. As she states the possibilities when she becomes Alice of Wonderland, she is tripped with a rope, revealing Rogy, Coco, and Bibi to be behind the scheme. The Mad Hatter confronts them, but the erstwhile Duchess steps in to take the boys away who are acquaintances of hers. Elsewhere, the Duchess reprimands them, but Rogy tells her that she is Alice's substitute and therefore cannot play with them. He reminisces when they first meet the Duchess and became friends with her. As time passed by, Coco and Bibi note Rogy's infatuation with the Duchess; Rogy invites her to play with them, but she declines.

Elsewhere, the 88th Alice, though presently a Regret, assures herself that she can still kill the White Rabbit to prove herself useful, as she has not passed the ability to anyone yet and ever.

Alice saves children

Alice shields the children from being killed

At the house, Rogy discloses his happiness when he found out that the 88th Alice has gone missing, meaning that the Duchess would be able to finally play with them. However, the 89th Alice showed up, hindering to their plans again. Alice ponders that the Duchess has now been living happily since the Duke's disappearance, but Rogy inadvertently tells him that the Duchess is dead because of him. Alice is astonished; the Queen explains that a beheading was fitting for her failure in keeping the Duke at bay, hence endangering Alice. Rogy holds a paper and reveals that, when the Duke splattered, the paper was inside, indicating the identity of the true Queen of Hearts. The Queen demands to give the paper to him, but Rogy refuses; the Queen swings his scythe at Rogy, but Alice shields the child, stating that he does not need a reward. Alice tries to reason with the Queen, but the latter uses the deceased Duchess' words to keep Alice at bay. He orders Alice to progress the story forward with absolute obedience.

In the final scene, a narration is told, depicting the death of the three children, likening it to the original story's of Hearts Trump Soldiers who painted the white roses red, since the Queen adored the colour red and despised the colour white – until as if everything had become red.


  • The final scene's narration is loosely based from Chapter Eight of the original story, where three gardeners namely, Two, Five, and Seven paint the Queen of Hearts' white roses red.