Chapter 14

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Remnant is the fourteenth chapter of the Are You Alice? manga series.



The 88th Alice is with the Mad Hatter and orders him to hurry up. "Annoyed," the Mad Hatter responds that he doesn't know what'll happen if she falls with her walking in front of him like that, and asks her why she is in such hurry. The 88th Alice answers that the Dormouse is the only one who knows the White Rabbit's whereabouts, and she is afraid he might get away again. She also promises that she will kill the White Rabbit and become the Alice of Wonderland to make sure that everyone in Wonderland will acknowledge her "cute" name. The Mad Hatter turns out to be right: she falls to the ground, where three kids come out and appeared before them. As Rogy expected, she is the Alice whose worth is that when she came out of the story, when his two friends reminded him that Rogy promised them that he will not talk to Alice. The Mad Hatter then shoots as a warning. The 88th Alice tells him that the boys are enemies--enemies that should be get rid of. But the Mad Hatter replies to her that she must calm down a bit, where she answered the Mad Hatter that he was able to see her undies, wherein the Mad Hatter "advised" her that she should select a more gentle color next time, which made her embarrassed. The Mad Hatter turns to the children and asked them what they need from Alice, and told them that they stop trying to get Alice involved in the amusements of children, and ordered them to behave themselves, which makes a kid say that being Alice must be very nice, because when Alice only have to think about herself, she can be happy.

All of a sudden, the Duchess appeared in front of the surprised children, and told them that it's a road that Regrets pass through, and the children thought of the situation as a bad one. The Mad Hatter appeared and conversed with her, asking if she has moved on from the trash disposal, and if she must be very eager to be at work, which made the Duchess a bit "livid". Then, Alice asked the Mad Hatter if he knows the Duchess, and lied that he doesn't know her, which made Alice disappointed that he knows her name. The Duchess interrupted that they should quit asking questions, and calls her name. The Duchess excuses herself for bothering them. With the children now gone, Alice asks the Mad Hatter what has just happened, and the Mad Hatter responded that it would be alright if she would not know, and patted her head. He asks her if she is going to kill the White Rabbit and become Alice. She positively answers him, since it was something she holds very precious.

Elsewhere, it is seen that the Duchess reprimands the three boys, expecting to hear a good excuse on why they were doing those things. Coco calls Rogy, which makes Rogy think that it was his fault, but Bibi answers that the people around Wonderland kept saying over and over not to get involved with Alice, that no matter what Alice is doing, they couldn't just turn a blind eye to it. Rogy suddenly asks the Duchess if she is Alice's substitute, and asks if because of that, she couldn't play with them.

In the next scene, Rogy and his friends are seen at the gates of the Duchess's castle, with the Duchess telling him to wait there. The Duchess hands a ball into Rogy's hands, and thanks her, but later looses it again and ask the Duchess to hand back the ball to him. Bibi laughs that since his ball is flying there, he thought that he should attach it to a string, but it would still be useless, as the skill of Rogy's working on isn't throwing the ball, but getting her to give it back to him. Embarrased, Rogy orders Bibi to shut up, but, too late, the Duchess knows the answer to her question. Getting out of the subject, Rogy asks the Duchess if she is always looking outside. The Duchess answered with a "yes," then Rogy informs the Duchess that since she doesn't have anyone to play with, she can play with them. But the Duchess apologizes that right now, she cannot go outside, because Alice is there. Coco then tells Rogy that "substitute" isn't a really nice way to say it, but the Duchess is alright with it, because it is true when he say she is a substitute. She thanks them for worrying about her, but to her, to Alice, she is just a playing role, so she requests them to not hate Alice for that.

Furthermore, Alice is still wonders if she can really force herself for the story to end, and she still remembers some awful things, that within herself she has the ability to kill the White Rabbit, and she thought of herself as a useful one. Yet she remembers the Mad Hatter say that he is capable of doing nothing but to protect her, and she "urges" herself that she will never hand the position of being Alice.

The boys, Alice and the Queen of Hearts are still in the current condition. The Queen tells Alice that it seems that the boys were friends with the Duchess, and thanks to them, his time of playing Chess was shortened considerably. Alice says, "But the monster's already gone, so..." was interrupted by Rogy, who shouts in anger that she's already passed away, and that it was Alice's fault that she passed away, which made Alice astonished. The Queen, unsympathetically, says that the Duchess let the Duke loose on the town proper, and that she led Alice to danger, and for that, the Queen asks if the beheading was already sufficient. Rogy spits out that he should not joke around trying people up however he likes with his rules, and added that "he hates that kind of Wonderland." The Queen finds out and asks if he has been holding on that.

Rogy reaches out a paper to the Queen, telling him that it was inside the splattered Duke, which they first thought of as a normal scrap of paper. He says that the truth is written on the paper. The almost-revealed phrase, "The true Queen of Hearts is---" was interfered by the Queen of Hearts's edge of his weapon being pointed to Rogy's mouth. He tells them that it is something they should not possess, since they don't have the right of that knowledge--and they should give it up; however, Rogy even insulted the Queen that he is going to spread the truth all over Wonderland. The Queen orders them that from now on, he won't let things like them think they should and thinks of Rogy as a troublesome little thing. But to the Queen, it is fine for him, because the inhabitants of Wonderland would never believe his story. There are countless replacements available for their little group, but the Queen advices them that even so they'll need to dispose the bodies, which makes it a bit troublesome, since he doesn't like the color red. Rogy insults the Queen, saying what kind of Queen of Hearts hates the color red, which made him "mad." Coco suddenly shouts out Rogy's name when the Queen is about to behead him. Alice covers the children and suddenly tells the Queen that he doesn't need his reward.

The Queen reminded Alice once again that if he will not kill the White Rabbit, he will not become Alice. Also, until that time, no matter how many Alices came to Wonderland, they never wished for the happiness of anyone but themselves. And also because of that, the 89th Alice is different from the other Alices. Since he came, things have been going different in the story than the White Rabbit desires. He asked one more time who Alice is. He answered the Queen that he is the one who doesn't understand the most, and he added that he learned more and more about Alice. When he was about to talk to the Duchess, too, he thought of Alice's story, and he wanted to hear more of it. The Queen tells Alice the line that the Duchess told him once: "If you wish to become Alice, you must keep moving forward." Then, Alice remembered that he must keep moving forward, no matter what happens. The Queen tells Alice that about concerning himself over the fate of worthless, it would be fine if he must just sit back and watch, as his job isn't to save the Duchess--he must think about killing the White Rabbit. The Queen clarified that if only he was able to catch the Dormouse, something like that would have never happened. The Queen orders Alice that from that time, all he need to do is have the story progress obediently before he became an "Alice."

In the last scene, a narration was being told:

"The Trump soldiers who mistakenly planted red rose and white rose trees. If they were able to be discovered by the Queen of Hearts, everyone's head could be snipped off. Why, you ask? Because the Queen of Hearts simply adored the color red. And despised the color white. With red paint they brushed, brushed, brushed, brushed. The Trump soldiers tried their best, and gradually dyed all the white roses red. Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip. Red dye fell to the ground. It was as if everything... Had become red."

Death of Rogy, Bibi and Coco

Due to violating a taboo, the three children were executed by the Queen of Hearts. Supposedly, Rogy must be the first to be slayed, but was protected by Bibi. With this, Rogy shed tears. Next was Rogy, who was executed, followed by Coco. Though, it was not shown how Coco was executed in this chapter, he was presumed to be killed since it was indicated in the next chapter that the Knave of Hearts showed pity to the murdered children, thus was the first time he was seen talking to the Queen.


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