Queen of Hearts

Queen Manga


Hāto no joō

The Joker (personal belief)
Mauve, Grey, or Black
Queen; previously an Entertainer
Likely British
Manga Debut
Voice Actor
Ohkawa Tohru

The Queen of Hearts (ハートの女王, Hāto no joō) is a character of the manga series, Are You Alice? Despite his given title as the Queen of Hearts of Wonderland, he is also presumed to be the King of Hearts because of his gender. He is always guarded and protected by his ace, the Knave of Hearts.  The Queen is the enforcer of rules in Wonderland, executing those who do not obey.  He also, technically, sets the game in motion and is in charge of telling Alice how to win the game.


In his past, the Queen either worked for or often came to a casino, playing cards with rich men and flirting with women.  However, he took to killing women who fancied him via decapitation, making a total of 52 kills. He chose the number specifically for it being the number of cards in a deck missing the Jokers; for this era of his life, the Queen often thought of himself as the Joker, a man who was unusual compared to everyone else. It's presumably during this era that the Queen grew to hate the color red, which he associated with blood. When he wandered into Wonderland, the White Rabbit gave him the title of the Queen of Hearts, something which didn't change how he felt about life. Believing his sorrow was unmatched by anyone living in Wonderland, he soon realized he wasn't the "Joker", as he was more normal than anyone else in Wonderland.

It's unknown how long the Queen spent alone, but it can be inferred that he was the first person to come to Wonderland and has been present at the beginning of every game (to a point where the current Alice guessed he had said the same opening speech to all the other Alices).  The second person was the Knave of Hearts - right off the bat, the Queen hated the Knave for being a male and working under him, assuming he had been sent mistakenly.  When the Trumps arrived, the Queen dressed their uniform to look like mourners from the past; the reason he gave for this was because he grew to love disturbing recollected memories.  Oddly enough, though, Jack dresses more as a soldier, though the White Rabbit is the one who gave him that costume.

It was the Queen who "stopped" the Mad Hatter's time, as well as the one who holds the key to Caterpillar Lane.  It's unknown how he accomplished the first feat and why the key to Caterpillar Lane is in his hands.


The Queen of Hearts is a pale-skinned, effeminate young man with brown short hair with a rare-looking hat resting on top of his head. His height is 174cm (5'9"), though in the manga he can arguably be considered shorter. Under his right eye is marked with two heart-shaped markings, where one is bigger than the other one. His outfit consists of a black raised-collar cape, tied around with a gray-coloured ribbon; his tie is composed of enormous white ruffles and wears a long pale-coloured puffy skirt with two circular belts lying on his waist. He also wears a dark-coloured knee-high boots with heels.


The Queen of Hearts may have some distinct characteristics similar to the Queen of Hearts in the original work who was a despotic and savage Queen who always orders, such as "Off with their heads!". However, the Queen in the manga is rather calm and reserved and is very intellectual for his youth who was able to manipulate Alice in becoming the Alice of Wonderland.  He smiles almost as much as the Cheshire Cat, only seen frowning on very rare occasions and usually those are short-lived, and he generally has a pleased attitude.

He's more straight-forward than anyone else in Wonderland, usually stating immediately instead of dancing around the topic. He's also incredibly honest, only ever lying to the Mad Hatter about who really killed the Dormouse. However, the Queen is sensitive to others, and dodged telling the truth to the 89th Alice about what happens to useless people in Wonderland, as well as enforcing the Duchess's words to Alice to keep moving forward. He's been shown doing nice things once and a while as well, such as the occasional treatment to Jack and his frequent favoring of his Trumps and Alice.

He's an open pervert, though, standing out among the other characters. He treats women far better than men, even flat-out stating he dislikes men, and it's implied that he's slept with his Trumps before. Frequently he has a harem of his Trumps around him, and in the first chapter he's seen groping one of them secretly. The 89th believes that he gave previous Alices similar treatment, and the Queen remarks in Chapter 11 that he would've "thought of more ways" for the 89th to prove his loyalty if he had been born a girl.

Despite this, he doesn't seem to care for cross-dressing, flatly stating to 89th to exchange the then dress he was wearing (a prank done by the Mad Hatter to possibly torture Jack) for something else. However, during the bigger parties, the Queen usually appears in extravagant dresses and wears corsets, and his usual attire is a skirt with a blouse-like shirt or a pair of pants that trail like a dress.

All together though, he's depressive, almost lonely. He admits sadly that he's used to men hating him after showing Alice an execution, and he often remarks that Wonderland is a "trashcan". He looks down on the whole game, and he almost seems eager for when he'll die, hoping for it to be by Jack's hands. He encourages Alice and the Knave to hate him, and he often feels like throwing parties to escape the game.

The only way that he even somewhat is similar to the literary Queen of Hearts is his anger; though very hard to anger, you'll quickly regret upsetting him. Being very capable with a scythe, he abandoned conversing with the Three Children when Rodge pointed out his hate for the color red and nearly killed them there, and Jack has had the blunt of most of his anger, if for a more comedic affect. However, if Chapter 31 is of any indication, the Queen is more than capable of hiding his emotions, masking them with a smile.


  • "The White Rabbit... Off with his head."
  • "Jack, be quiet."
  • (To Alice) "I am like a beast who feels arousal and pleasure from disturbing people's recollections and sentiments, even those pulled from the bottom of the grave."
  • (To the Cheshire Cat) "I do hate cats, but your interests aren't bad at all."
  • (To the Knave of Hearts) "You are certainly just a normal human who shouldn't have come to Wonderland."

•(To 89th Alice ) "Because the queen of hearts loved the color red and hated the color white"


  • In Alice in Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts is named as the Ruler of Wonderland alongside a meek King of Hearts. She was well known for her fiery temper which often lead to her ordering everyone's execution through decapitation.  If she held a trial, it was a kangaroo court, and that's only if she held a trial at all.  She was also a friend of the Duchess (but still executed her), having sent an invite to her for croquet.  It is more than likely that the Are You Alice? Queen of Hearts is more of the Red Queen from Through the Looking-Glass, who was very civil and held all the power; where the Queen of Hearts wouldn't debate over anything and was very antagonistic towards Alice, the Red Queen was helpful and even pulled Alice along to one of the squares. The Red King, unlike the King of Hearts, was sleeping through the entire story and was never involved.
  • A very odd trait official art has of the Queen is his eye color; it changes in every official appearance. The PSP game makes his irises a black color, although on the website they almost appear chocolate. Katagiri's artwork found on her blog have shown him with golden, violet, and black irises in separate images. Volume Seven shows him with mauve-colored irises, while the Special Edition cover of volume 3 has him with black irises again.
  • According to a scan of a Thai post, he had his first love while he was a student, but the story's been omitted. 
  • He dislikes the game Tug of War, which may mean that the Queen is not physically strong in the slightest.
  • The Queen of Hearts dislikes ambiguity.
  • During his free time, the Queen of Hearts forgets about Alice and the game, the rules, and everything else, and host a party.

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