Playing Cards


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Playing Cards is the fortieth chapter of Are You Alice?.  It shows how the Knave and the Queen met.


Beginning shortly after the White Rabbit names the Knave of Hearts.  Having heard feminine pronouns to named the Queen of Hearts, Jack immediately believes his job as a bodyguard is far more personal than it ought to be: instead of simply protecting her, he believes it goes as far as protecting her in the bedroom, the bathroom, and "in her secret place" as well.  Unfortunately for him, the Queen is, while feminine, a man.

Trivia and ErrorsEdit

  • In Japanese, "playing cards" comes out as trumps - a trump card is a playing card elevated above its normal rank through trick-taking games (the spade suits in Spades, for example).  The only game that features a Jack as a Trump are Jack-Nine cards, or the Jass group: Klaberjass, Klaverjas, and so on.  In Are You Alice'?, the name "Trump Solider" includes every solider working for the Queen of Hearts, including Jack.
  • In the CD drama, the White Rabbit is present both when the Knave and Queen first meet and when the party is on-going.  Apart from lacking a scene of Alice attempting to shoot the White Rabbit only to be reminded he's out of bullets, the manga remains unchanged as the Cheshire Cat and the Fish Butler obtain the Rabbit's lines.
  • The Queen is seen wearing his outfit that he started the manga with, a similar effect that happens to the Cheshire Cat in Be Lost in Reverie.  The Knave of Hearts, however, lacks his eyepatch (but there is a reason for it).

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