No Pets Allowed

Chapter 5

Nashi petto kyoka
Cover Characters

No Pets Allowed is the fifth chapter of the Are You Alice? manga series.  It, unlike the four chapters behind it, does not follow any of the CDs.


"What is my name...?"


Before the plot story begins, a girl, who is presumed to be Marianne, is drawing illustrations, which includes the image of Alice and is suddenly called by someone, who ran together with her pet cat named Dinah.

As the Duke enters the Duchess's mansion, calling out for Alice, the Duchess welcomes herself to it with delight, while Alice keeps on questioning the Fish Butler why the Duchess herself is taking the place of Alice to the monster; which the fish butler answers that it is a rule given to her. As he sees the black fluid from the monster dropping on Duchess and burning her, Alice realizes that the Duchess's wound that he had earlier seen, was probably from the monster. When Alice was about to shout, the Cheshire Cat covers his mouth and tells him that the Duchess is Alice's replacement.

Alice decides to stop the monster after knowing that he is not hurt because of the Duchess. Once again, another Regret appears before Alice in the form of a girl which refrains him from pulling the trigger.

A flashback appears where the Duchess takes home the Cheshire Cat, who was in the slums after being shot and offers to patch him up after taking him to her mansion. The Cheshire Cat asks himself, "Will a stray Cat be attached to you, if you are kind to it?". He says that he'll never love her, to which the Duchess replies, "After all, I'm a replacement for Alice. Isn't that right?"

Meanwhile, the Cheshire Cat brings back Alice to the apartment of the Mad Hatter where he shoots a soft drink bottle, which is intended for the Cheshire Cat, so he eventually disappears. Alice, in a "bad" mood, asks the Mad Hatter if what is Alice anyway which makes him shoot once again. The Mad Hatter replies that it's because he is Alice.


Trivia and ErrorsEdit

  • Certain places require that no animals be brought in, which is where the tital comes in.  However, it also alligns to what the Cheshire Cat faces; people hate him throughout Wonderland and it's against the law to name an animal, leaving him with little ways of surviving outside of the Duchess's house.  Moreso, because of the Duke and his own feelings towards the Duchess, he leaves the area so he doesn't have to see what happens.
  • When the Duchess appears to sooth the Duke, she does not have the tie wrapped around her wrist.  Later on, it reappears on her hand when she tells the Duke that "Alice" will be by his side.
  • The Cheshire Cat hints at the 89th Alice being different, but is stopped by the Mad Hatter.
  • The tie Alice gives the Duchess inadvertently tells the Duke that she's not Alice, setting off the chian that occurs in the following chapters.

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