March Hare

March Hare


Usagi kōshin

Light green
Deceased (Wonderland) Alive (real life)
Manga Debut
Voice Actor
Fukuyama Jun

The March Hare (三月ウサギ, Sangatsu usagi) is a character of the manga series, Are You Alice? He is a "friend" of the White Rabbit and has been given the name of "March Hare".


The March Hare is, if his ears are any indication, similar to the White Rabbit.  Although it's unknown how the White Rabbit found him, they met in the woods outside of Wonderland.  Given a name by the White Rabbit, he was fed and given a home in the same location the White Rabbit himself lives.  Ever since being given a name, the March Hare was very thankful to the White Rabbit, so it can be infered that he stayed to assist and help out.  During several chapters, especially 12, the March Hare is mentioned or seen doing small favors - delivering the Rabbit candy or cleaning his kitchen for him.

However, as the White Rabbit fell into insanity, the March Hare became more and more aware of how useless he was.  Having only been given a name, but not a role or a job, he felt useless in the grand scheme of Wonderland.  After a fight with the White Rabbit, the March Hare travels into Wonderland, picking a fight with the Mad Hatter.  Instead of telling the Mad Hatter his name (who points out that if the March Hare was really important to the game, everyone would already know it), he asks the Hatter to call him Mitsuki and that they can't become allies, but he wants the Hatter to teach him how to make black tea.  Retreating into the house, the Mad Hatter returns with the Hare's trademark hat, throwing it at him as a free present.

It's hard to tell if the March Hare can see Marianne or not.  During chapter 36, it's revealed he can't; however, chapters earlier, he has a small conversation with Marianne over being the White Rabbit's friend.


The Queen's Croquet GardenEdit

First appearing in Chapter 11 at the very end, his relationship with the White Rabbit is revealed in the following chapter.  A jobless resident of Wonderland, the March Hare is the one who cleans the White Rabbit's house and delivers him candy and other goods out of good will and being the Rabbit's "friend", a hard term for the Rabbit to swallow.  After talking for a bit, the March Hare leaves to clean house.


The March Hare is a young boy with brown hair up to his neck, and light green eyes. A small portion of his bangs covers his forehead between his eyes. He seems to wear a black bonnet with a green outline at its hemline with long ears coloured black and white cloth at the ends sewed into it, composing its two long, large ears. (The hat was "sold" to him for free by the Mad Hatter). He wears a black jacket with light green outlines on its collar. Underneath, he wears a long-sleeved shirt with white-and-light green stripes. He also wears a pair of black trousers rolled up to his knees and chains are attached to it. He wears long socks coloured light green, underneath his trousers, designed below is a pair of white warmers and his footwear is a pair of black shoes.


March Hare 2

The March Hare showing his concern for the White Rabbit.

The March Hare first appears in the manga, smiling to a wounded White Rabbit, then helping him and encouraging the White Rabbit that he has a friend. Also, he insisted to worry about the White Rabbit since he is the White Rabbit's friend.

From the character profiles, he is said to have an inferiority complex due to his useless ability.


  • "The only thing I received from this name. So at least allow me to worry about you.This has nothing to do with the rules or my abilities! It's because I'm your friend. Ne, Shiro-chan?"
  • "How long...are you going to keep torturing the White Rabbit?"
  • "That's right. I'm Whitey's friend."
  • "...No. My name is March Hare."
  • "Whitey... I'm sure you'll get the ending you wished for someday."


  • In Alice in Wonderland, the March Hare is a friend of the Mad Hatter, enjoying tea with him at their party alongside the Dormouse.  He's the most talkative of the group, and is scolded by the Mad Hatter for putting butter in the clock to fix it (because the breadcrumbs in it made the watch run slow).  He later reappears in Through the Looking-Glass as a messanger for the Red King.
  • To make up for his name lacking a rule or meaning, he names himself "Mitsuki", which is Japanese for "three months", or March.  Despite how it's pronounced, it's commonly a unisex name.
  • A small continunity error occurs in the manga: in Chapter 12, the March Hare flashbacks to when he first meets the White Rabbit, revealing that he had his hat and was invited to dinner to the White Rabbit's house.  However, later on during Chapter 25, the Mad Hatter and Dormouse reveal that the March Hare was given his hat after meeting the Mad Hatter and, furthermore, he was still wearing it.  It eventually ends in Chapter 33, the same scene is revealed again, but this time the March Hare does not have his hat and instead furry ears similar to the White Rabbit, and there is no mention of the White Rabbit making dinner for the two of them.
  • In Chapter 25, in a flashback, the Mad Hatter and the Dormouse are talking about the March Hare, but they use the pronoun "her".

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