Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter Manga


Ikare bōshi-ya

Lewis Carroll
Dark brown
The Alice's "guardian"; Writer
Manga Debut
Voice Actor
Hirata Hiroaki

The Mad Hatter (イカレ帽子屋, Ikare bōshi-ya) is a character of the manga series, Are You Alice? He works for the Queen of Hearts and his duty is to protect Alice from "enemies" especially the Regrets.


As the game has been running for roughly 10 years, it's possible that the Hatter has been here since the start.  Given a chance to have his time stopped by the Queen, which would mean he no longer had to sleep among other things, he soon took it up so he could live past all the deaths of the previous Alices.  He values the time of 6'clock in the evening, which is what his pocket watch is permanently stopped at, since it is the time for tea.  He also opened a hat shop at some point, which soon the March Hare shopped at, but it became closed at some point, either prior to or after the Hatter had his time stopped.

His true identity, either literally or figuratively, is that of Lewis Carroll, the creator of Alice in Wonderland and also the teach of the original Alice Liddel.  He may have been in love with her, almost possessive.


The Mad Hatter is a male adult with pale skin and has curly hair reaching above his shoulders. His height is 178cm (5'10"). His face expression is always seen as boring and strict having large eye bags, a shaved beard and is always seen smoking cigarettes. Above his head lies a magician-like hat with a white cloth is tied around it. He wears a black formal suit with hunting stock (his weird tie) and shoes.


In contrast with the 89th Alice, who's very out-going and open with his emotions, the Mad Hatter is much more calm and reserved.  Previously, he was seriously "devoted" to protecting Alice, and as seen with the 88th Alice, he even developed love and care for them.  However, the Hatter has clashed on numerous occasions with the current Alice, getting into arguments often and even taking up the Alice Fixed Holiday for the first time because of how much he hates the current Alice.  Though, on rare occasions, the Mad Hatter can be seen showing kindness to the 89th, giving him advice and even being kind (albeit in his own way). Despite his time being stuck, he's very particular to time, often stating the exact time they have to go out even though the clocks say otherwise; when first bringing the 89th Alice to see the Queen, Alice immediately pointed out that, despite the Hatter saying they were leaving at six, the clock was reading two.  Most of the time, the Mad Hatter stays to his apartment.

His interactions with the Cheshire Cat are very negative - ever since the incident with the 88th Alice, the Mad Hatter usually aims his gun at the Cheshire Cat, threatening to shoot him despite being unable to see the Cheshire Cat.  More so, he's normally very hostile about the Cat, and only on the occasion shows kindness to him.  Once or twice, the Mad Hatter even admits that the Cheshire Cat is better suited to find Alice, and they even attended the Alice Fixed Holiday party together.

One of the Hatter's closest friends is the Dormouse.  Despite showing high loyalty to the Queen of Hearts, it was through interactions with him that the Mad Hatter finally began to split from the story as well.  It's implied that they've known each other for a while, as far back as the Hatter has known the March Hare, and they often drink together in between games.


  • "For the perfect tea, more sugar cubes are needed.."
  • "He looks like her...Hm? To whom...?"
  • "Be a little quieter, you two. Our opponent doesn't want to talk at all."
  • (To Alice) "More importantly, I'm not a hit man. I'm a hat man, right?"
  • (To Alice on killing someone) "... I never really feel anything when killing a person because it's not the type of thing you can put into words."
  • "The day I miss my target's the day hell freezes over."


  • In Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter was hosting a tea party as his house with his only guests being the Dormouse and the March Hare.  He acts somewhat rude to Alice and later on appears in court to testify against the Knave of Hearts.  During this, he shows fear, mostly due to the Queen glaring at him, and ends up being chased out when it's found out that he was the contestant in the singing competition that "murdered Time".  He later reappears in Through the Looking-Glass as a messenger to the White King. In the manga series, the Mad Hatter has an obsession with time and tea, both carry-overs from the original story, and he shows rudeness to Alice just like before.  However, he isn't terrified of the Queen except in rare moments and serves him with loyalty.
  • It is unknown if the Mad Hatter is the literal Lewis Carroll, amnesic or having run away from his life into Wonderland, or an image of the author put into the story.
  • He bears similarities with Gilbert Nightray of Pandora Hearts and Tyki Mikk of D.Gray-man.
  • He cannot see the Cheshire Cat, for some unknown reason, but he can deduce where the Cat is by sound and by luck.
  • He says that the day in which he misses a target is the day the world ends (implying that he is very accurate)... but it was that very same day that Alice distracted him and made him miss his target.
  • The Mad Hatter was born in the northwestern part of England on January 27.
  • The Mad Hatter's favorite food is black tea.
  • The Mad Hatter does not sleep since his time has stopped.
  • The Mad Hatter hates early spring because of the noise of cats.

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