Let's Cut The Crap

Chapter 10

No wa garakuta o sakugen sa se
Cover Characters

Let's Cut The Crap is the tenth chapter of the Are You Alice? manga series.


"The usual harmonious teatime...?"


The Mad Hatter reprimanded Alice who said that he just met the Dormouse. However, Alice isn't sure at all if he really is the Dormouse as he didn't introduced himself. As the two arrived at Caterpillar Lane, they noticed that the key has gone. Furthermore, the Mad Hatter tells Alice to dress as a woman.

Elsewhere, a new Duchess asks the Cheshire Cat his opinion about her new bought dresses where the Cheshire Cat advises her that it would be better for her to not wear light dresses so it won't get dirty. The Duke once again enters the hall to look for its Alice, where the Cheshire Cat gladly welcomes him. As the Cheshire Cat looks for another place to go to, a woman appears behind him.

Meanwhile, Alice has been dressed up to look like a woman so he can meet the various conditions in entering Caterpillar Lane. As the Mad Hatter goes out of the shop, he encounters the Cheshire Cat where he pulls the trigger and the Cheshire Cat evades it every time. Moreso, the two discussed about the previous incidents especially about Alice who was said to be forced out of his dream.

Afterwards, Alice comes out of the shop with distinct characteristics remsembling Marianne. The Cheshire Cat must have thought that the two would be going to Caterpillar Lane where Alice must show loyalty to the Queen. The Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter encourages and enlightens Alice who is in the state of giving up.


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