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Hāto no jakku

"Jack"; "Ace"
The Queen's aide
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Sugita Tomokazu

The Knave of Hearts (ハートのジャック, Hāto no jakku) is a character of the manga series, Are You Alice? He is the Queen of Hearts' ace, and is usually addressed by "Jack" instead of his title by the Queen. His role in the game is the sole executor to the Queen of Hearts - if the Queen of Hearts runs away from the game and completely stops doing his job, then the Knave of Hearts can kill the Queen.  Elsewise, he's the Queen's guard.


Knave is down

The Knave of Hearts shot by the Dormouse

Ten years ago, the Knave of Hearts was, like everyone else, brought into Wonderland by the White Rabbit, and it is very likely that he was the second resident to Wonderland. However, the current Queen, who hates men to an extreme point, believed the Knave of Hearts was "mistakenly brought there" - though the Knave agreed, his name was already thrown away, and with no way to really clear the situation, as neither of their rules nor the rules of the game could help, the Queen simply ordered the Knave to speak only ten syllables every ten years.

It's implied through the opening color page to Volume 7 that Jack's heart was broken before he came to Wonderland, and that his desire to "crush his own world" because of his despair was what called the White Rabbit to him.



The Knave of Hearts without his eyepatch

The Knave of Hearts is a tall young man with short brownish-blonde hair with a small portion of his hair covering his right eye. He wears an unusual black full suit, reaching up to his knees with a hazel-coloured belt on his waist. Underneath his outfit, he wears a white-coloured pair of pants tucked on a pair of black-coloured knee-high boots. He wears an eye patch despite having both his eyes; he only wears it so his vision of the Queen is obscured.


At first, the Knave of Hearts seems to be someone quiet who always stays with the Queen.  Diligently abiding to his order of silence, the Knave helps the Queen in ways the Suits could not - bringing a carriage to those who will be executed, assisting in carrying boxes or presents, and usually going out with the Queen in public. He has goodness in him, as seen when he had sympathy for the children being executed, and he seems protective of the Queen. In the past, he's even shown being quiet, as seen when he meets the White Rabbit.

When given the chance to speak though, it seems his personality as a quiet guard was only half right.  Despite being genuinely nice, only just being agitated with the fear of death looming over him if he so much as laughs, the Knave of Hearts is more perverted than either the Queen or Alice themselves, believing that the Queen was indeed a "she" and, as such, could guard her bedroom, bathroom, and her "secret place" too.  Apart from getting his name back, his entire reason to go to Looking-Glass Land is to, if there is one, work under a Queen there and fall in love with her, having a very romance-novel like concept. He's also very rude when angry, and blamed Alice after first breaking his code of silence.

Despite being the Queen's right-hand man, Jack also has little respect given to him, with Alice and the Mad Hatter treating him with disdain at times. Despite being shot in the side, the Hatter remarked that he was having trouble and walked right past him, and despite the plan and script during the Alice Fixed Holiday being made mostly by the 89th Alice, Alice blamed a lot of the wrong-doings on the Knave, even though a majority of the incident was Alice's fault.

Make no mistake, though, as the Knave of Hearts is probably one of the few pure people in Wonderland.  Not once during his ten years of service has he ever gotten used to the Queen executing people, and he has no ill intentions. He felt terrible when the Queen executed the Duchess and her friends, and when Alice raises the idea of them breaking into the Queen's room while he changing and holding him up there, Jack doesn't miss a beat to reply that it would be a horrendous thing for anyone to do.  And even though he made high threats to kill Alice unless the Queen accepted his proposal, Jack quickly became cowardous upon the Queen asserting his presence. In the bonus CDs that come with Limited Editions, Jack has on several occasions gone to Alice for help, showing that the two are friends despite the Alice Fixed Holiday Incident.


  • In Alice in Wonderland, the Knave of Hearts served the King and Queen of Hearts.  He always smiles and never speaks a line of dialogue, and was the Trump Soldier who carried the royal crown of the King on a pillow.  When asked who Alice was by the Queen, he simply bowed in reply and smiled, only to be called an idiot, and he's the one who flipped the gardening Trump Soldiers over onto their faces.  He is later put on trial for stealing the Queen's tarts.
    • On the contrary to the book, the Knave of Hearts barely honestly smiles, is never really insulted by the Queen, and above all does speak dialogue - but, most of the time, he keeps quiet because of the order the Queen gave.
  • He has a habit of exclaiming "tonikaku!", or "Anyway!" in the Drama CDs, usually to begin his sentences.  He also ends his sentences in the omake Child Challange with "zo", which is usually used to make sentences louder.
  • The Queen seems to call the Knave of Hearts "Jack" because of a reason, but it's unknown on whether this is the Queen's former pass-time of playing cards comes in (the Jack of Hearts) or if it's because the Queen doesn't think the Knave deserves the title and simply calls him "Jack" as a mock or an insult.  Oddly enough, Alice has been known to use this nickname himself.


  • (To the Queen of Hearts) "Was showing this to Alice your goal? Highness?"
  • "Gah, damnit!  I have a contract with the Queen to not say more than 10 syllables for 10 years!  Just now I said,' Ow, that hurt, you idiot!  Don't fuck with me, you little prick!' Something so trivial already exceeded 15 syllables!  UWAAAH, SHIT, what should I do!?  Ah, that's right.  If I hadn't said "Ow" and "you idiot", it would have been okay!  What the hell was I thinking!?  I'M THE REAL IDIOT HERE!!"
  • "The Queen of Heart's aide... the bodyguard to the Queen of Hearts... In other words, I'll be by the Queen's side, protecting her day and night.  In the Queen's bathroom and in her bedroom... And in her secret place, too!''"
  • (Alice: "[The Queen] is changing right now, isn't he?  We could just go to him directly.")  "Doesn't that make you an incredibly horrible guy for thinking that...?  You're not supposed to be thinking of a villain's actions when you're in the hero's role..."
  • (To the Queen of Hearts) "...I... want...  Jeez, I'm so fed up with this.  Right here, right now, I want you to end this absurd contract we have."
  • (Also to the Queen, addressing why he wears an eye patch) "I know many things.  Can't you understand that, Queen of Hearts?  While serving you these ten years... I've come to see everything about the jobs you perform.  Honestly, I didn't want to see it.  And that's why I went through the wasted effort of... trying to hide you from my field of vision.  You are... a liar.  You claim to hate the color red more than anyone else.  And yet, more than anyone else living in Wonderland... You are covered in blood.  And that's why I also intend to do anything I can possibly do with all my might, even though I was brought here mistakenly...' But... but not like this..."

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