I Will Let You Decide

Chapter 29

Watashi wa anata ga kimeru yō ni naru
Cover Character

I Will Let You Decide is the twenty-ninth chapter of the Are You Alice? manga series.


The chapter starts with a narration: "The older sister's name was Alice. The younger brother's name was Alice. This is the story of the mysterious siblings who lived while sharing one name. 'You were born for the sake of happiness, after all.'" Marianne then asks Sensei if it is possible for two people to share one name. Sensei answers that "he" can keep on living as long as it is on paper. Marianne then thanks him for writing a great story. He then says that he will throw Alice in Wonderland already since she likes another book, but she contests him, saying that she cannot choose from either two, being two great stories. But Sensei cannot throw away Alice in Wonderland since it is his greatest masterpiece.

The Mad Hatter pulls the trigger and the Queen is shown alive, meaning that he shot the Dormouse after all. The Hatter apologizes to his friend, but the Dormouse finds this pointless, since it is for the sake of his purpose that he can kill anyone, including his friends. He explains that his job is to protect Alice so that he can leave Wonderland together with Alice, and no one can stop him from fulfilling his purpose. The Queen then tells him to go to Alice since Wonderland's Alice needs his help. While on his way, the Hatter sees the Knave of Hearts having a lot of trouble after his encounter with the Dormouse.

The Dormouse is still alive, so the Queen orders him to give him an explanation. Thus, the Dormouse explains that the Hatter should be disqualified as a hit man since a killer should not give any mercy to his victim. The Dormouse allowed the Mad Hatter to shoot him but he did not die; instead, he disobeyed an order of the Queen to flee to Alice; after all, he believes that the Hatter is a "coward". The Queen could not believe that he tried to disobey an order from him. He explains that, to break a contract made with the Queen of Hearts, three orders from the Queen must be broken in order to make one's time start moving again; he adds that this is the first time. The Queen disregards this and, next time, he will already be killed by the Mad Hatter; he will not let him break his contract with the Hatter. The Dormouse still thinks that the 89th Alice cannot kill the White Rabbit, and that friends are unnecessary. Afterwards, he plans to commit suicide, thinking that suicide is one's personal freedom. The Queen orders him to stop, but he says he is not going to follow his orders anymore, and shoots himself.

Meanwhile, Alice chooses to go to the direction of the unknown house in order to know the ending of the story.


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