I Hate To Admit It But

Chapter 21

Watashi wa sore o mitometa garanai
No information

I Hate To Admit It But is the twenty-first chapter of the Are You Alice? manga series.


Centipede arrived at the bar, and Dormouse asks where the Mad Hatter is. She points down and the Hatter is on the floor. The Hatter is served with tea when the Dormouse asked him if he is going to wait for the next Alice's visit, to which the Hatter responds "no" because the 89th Alice is not finished yet, much to the Dormouse's astonishment. He then puts something in the Hatter's tea. The Dormouse points at his back where Alice is asleep at the couch. The Hatter asks him why he did not tell everything from the start; the Dormouse replies that he is a cautious man. He then tells the Hatter that Alice is the worst. Alice then awakes, with the Hatter smiling.


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