Hands Up, Children!

Chapter 13

Kōryū-shu, kodomo-tachi!

Hands Up, Children! is the thirteenth chapter of the Are You Alice? manga series.


"See, me? I'd always hated my own name. It seemed that wherever I was, It was a totally mediocre, boring name. I really hated it."


The chapter started with a conversation of the 88th Alice and the White Rabbit--about the name of the 88th Alice. Here, it is seen that the White Rabbit gave the name of "Alice" to the 88th Alice. As her name is "Alice, " the White Rabbit said to her that no one will be able to truly acknowledge her existence, which made her ask on what she should do. The White Rabbit responded that she should meet the Queen of Hearts, and should call herself with the name of "Alice," and if she'll be able to clear safely complete the game, only then will she become the true Alice. She asked the White Rabbit on what game it will be, and he answered that it is the game to "Kill the White Rabbit," wherein it is like a story that's able to decide the end of everything, that Alice of Wonderland must pursue the White Rabbit--if she really is the Alice the White Rabbit desires, then she'll certainly come to kill him. From there, she tells the White Rabbit that she doesn't know where to find the Queen, and asks him where to go, where she is interrupted by someone who called her name, who is the Mad Hatter.

In the next scene, she is seen with the Mad Hatter in his apartment, and she asks who he is, and the Mad Hatter also asked if she didn't hear the story from the White Rabbit. He apologizes, and explained that the people in Wonderland don't acknowledge her name or anything. The Mad Hatter also explained that by six o'clock, he will bring her before the Queen of Hearts, and until that time, she must stay obediently by his side. She heard the Mad Hatter say the phrase of "Before the Queen," that made her think that the Mad Hatter is not a bad person. The Mad Hatter is upset why she say a lot weird things. He said that he is capable of nothing but to protect her, since it was the one assigned to him. She was astounded to hear these words from the Mad Hatter, just because she is Alice.

In the Queen's castle, the Queen is on a conversation with the Duchess, and she tells the Queen that the 88th Alice is quite carefree, and the Queen answered that it is how the Alice the White Rabbit brought. The Duchess added the fact that she's obedient, and able to fit quite easily into the story--a girl who lost a place she belong to. The Queen makes sure that the Duchess didn't resend her. He also added that if a new Alice comes to Wonderland, the Duke will seek Alice, and run amok; however, Alice must pursue the White Rabbit, because that is how the story goes. The Duchess answered that it is fine by her, since she is the "Duchess." The Queen remembers that her pet cat still hasn't come to greet him yet. The Duchess replies that he isn't very cute, but her cute pet cat, that is.

Along the streets, Cheshire Cat has been "visited" by the White Rabbit, who seems to be furious. Upon seeing each other, the White Rabbit plans to attack the Cheshire Cat, but was stopped by him in an "informal" manner, and said that he came to visit the sick Usa-chan ("Usa" from "Usagi"; Japanese for "Rabbit"), so he wants to skip the dangerous stuff. The White Rabbit told the Cheshire Cat that before worrying about the White Rabbit, he should be looking after himself, so the Cheshire Cat replied that he got slapped pretty good, that the White Rabbit thought that he always seemed to have fun. The Cheshire Cat spoke to the White Rabbit, saying that the White Rabbit is the one responsible for this tale. He also is able to hold this story together, but unable to finish it, and now, even the power to hold together, over the long months and years, is beginning to waste away. The Cheshire Cat angers the White Rabbit and was told by the White Rabbit that if he understands that, then he mustn't get in the White Rabbit's path. He also asks the Cheshire Cat who is supposed to be the 89th Alice, and tells him that the Cheshire Cat is altering the way the story is supposed to be written. He told the Cheshire Cat that all of the Alices that he brought in Wonderland became desperate the minute they seemed they'd have to kill himself in order to become the real Alice. The Cheshire Cat also made sure that they can't become Alice as long as they don't kill him, and he also told the White Rabbit that until Alice isn't killed, the 89th Alice is the Wonderland's Alice. The White Rabbit interupted the Cheshire Cat, telling him that is the one he doesn't understand--why won't that person kill the 89th Alice? The statement he added: (Up until now, every Alices who weren't to that person's ideal were--) was interfered by a poke in the forehead by the Cheshire Cat. Honestly, the Cheshire Cat told him that he wants his answer to the question of the Cheshire Cat: "What are you going on about?" and even adds that a useless kitty cat like him cannot handle a heavy discussion they are encountering. Instead, he just wants to eat, which made the White Rabbit end up asking if he hasn't eaten until that late evening. With the White Rabbit away, the Cheshire Cat cannot says that it is the first time a woman was able to slap him.

In the next scene, it was shown that Cheshire Cat was slapped by the 88th Alice, telling him to cut his acting of being an idiot. She also tells him that she hates Alice, but she hates the cat Alice stole from her more. The Cheshire Cat replies to her that she actually wanted to be killed by her "Sensei," and not by himself. The 88th Alice ends up shouting that she wanted to become Alice and she was different from any other Alices--she told him that she isn't useless. Since it was her, she added that she would've been able to become Alice. Others cannot do more than become Alice and it's better if she's the only Alice that Sensei loves.

Back to his apartment, the Mad Hatter sips his cup of tea and tells himself that in order to complete the most appetizing black tea, one more sugar cube is necessary, but then complains that it can't be helped. Preparing to go out, he carries his gun just in case, and on his way out, he confronts a lady with long hair.

The lady is revealed and asks him if Alice is out, then she orders him to acknowledge him, calling him "sensei." The Mad Hatter orders her, too, to stop talking, since she is hurting his ears. He points his gun to her, telling that he couldn't understand her reason for it or her way of addressing him.

In a place, it is seen that Alice "saved" a child and asks the Queen what he is doing all of a sudden. The Queen answered Alice that Alice is here to express his loyalty to the Queen in a different manner than the usual--if he interferes with the Queen's job, then Alice will not be rewarded. Suddenly, another child appeared, named Rogy, ordering Alice to let go of the Queen's "victim," named Bibi, and orders one more child named Coco. The Queen explained to Alice that the three kids violated a taboo. So, he, as the "Queen" of Wonderland, have the duty of handing down the consequences. Alice sympathize for the three kids, but Rogy doesn't agree that they are "kids." Angrily, Rogy also tells Alice that his enemy is the one he will make sure he'll assume.


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