Grin Like A Cheshire Cat

Chapter 4

Chesha neko no yō ni niyari to warau
Cover Characters

Grin Like A Cheshire Cat is the fourth chapter of the Are You Alice manga series.  It also coordinates to track 3 of Drink Me.


"Are you going that way? Or are you..."


The mistress of the Cheshire Cat asks him if he could not go home to his Duchess for his lovely mistress would be worried; the Cheshire Cat asks back who is his mistress which made the mistress annoyed. She tells him that no matter how much he struggle, she can't become his mistress, that's why he can only stay with her in one night; a life in which he is bound by his name. The mistress tells him that even though she loves him so much, he'll forget everything when tomorrow comes.

At the apartment, Alice and the Mad Hatter are having tea. Due to his curiosity, Alice opens a sealed door where a mountain of hats flooded upon him. Inside, it is a room for making hats. Alice questions him that he does not seem to be serious in selling such, but the Mad Hatter tells him that the shop is closed. Alice is bored and tells him that he should be killing the White Rabbit now. The Mad Hatter advises him that before he kills the White Rabbit, he must find the mouse. He tells Alice that the White Rabbit hides in his burrow all day, so they don't know where he is; that's why the Dormouse's power is necessary; and that the Dormouse is the only informant in Wonderland. Alice waits for the Mad Hatter to finish his tea so they can begin the search for the Dormouse.

Meanwhile, the Cheshire Cat is bored until he meets the White Rabbit where he never expected to have a guest. After the short "introduction," the White Rabbit interrogates the Cheshire Cat on where his dear mistress is. As a response, the Cheshire Cat tells him that she was eaten by his master. Unexpectedly, the White Rabbit invites the Cheshire Cat to a dinner tonight and tauntingly asks if he doesn't mind having scrap, like a cat would, to which the Cheshire Cat replies that for once he would be having a splendid meal and thanks him. The Cheshire Cat indicates that he always thought of the food and wine that the White Rabbit prepares for her everyday as junk, but it came to his mind that she cannot eat anyway. To much of his surprise, the White Rabbit asks the Cheshire Cat what he wants. He answers the White Rabbit that he came to see Alice. The Cheshire Cat points out that the current Alice is very lovely and honest, and thinks of Alice as "easily fooled." The White Rabbit shouts out that Alice is not Alice and points that he only got lost in Wonderland. The Cheshire Cat finds the reason why Alice keeps his name. The White Rabbit encourages the Cheshire Cat to not play numb, because on his opinion, the Cheshire Cat himself gave the name "Alice" to Alice. The Cheshire Cat indictates that a powerless cat like him cannot give a name to someone, and he, too, doesn't have a name. Noticing the White Rabbit, he asks him what his worries are, to which the White Rabbit cannot answer to. Instead, he answers that they are going to say goodbye to him anyway. In addition, he added that if the Cheshire Cat likes the current Alice, he must prepare Alice's grave, even though there is no name to it. Succeeding the sermon of the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat urges him to do whatever he likes, and also points out that he came in that place to warn the White Rabbit about something, that the current Alice is not like the other Alices, thus shall not underestimate him too much, instead persuades him to "lick" him just once.

After the long conversation, Alice is seen practicing his shooting skills. It appears that he is supposed to hit a bottle, but it didn't hit. With much exasperation, Alice wasted the bullets of the gun. After hitting without a single one, Alice expresses his "jealousy" to Mad Hatter, because he can do much better than him. Alice then remembered what he said to the Queen, that he is much afraid of the White Rabbit than the Regrets. As he snapped out of the flashback, a strange fellow that tapped a bottle appears that made Alice filled with aghast. He then asks what kind of being it is, with a following expression that it is disgusting. Then the fellow spoke to him, saying that distinguishing someone whom you met for the first time as "disgusting" is rude. To much surprise, Alice added his "description" of the fellow as "a talking one." Alice screams while saying the reason why the fish went to see Alice, which is to escort Alice to his mistress. Much to Alice's noise, the fish is incited which made the fish put an end to the "introduction," which made Alice ask help from the Mad Hatter, with the fish completing his mission.

In the hallway of the mansion, a little girl is shown (only the back) asking Alice if he is the current Alice of Wonderland. She is shown to be the Duchess and made her introduction to Alice. Alice notices that however he looks at her, she is just a kid for him. Alice asks her if she's the one who called for him. As a response, she just mentioned that Alice is just cute. The fish butler excused himself, and Alice and the little girl are left alone. The little girl let Alice sit down for she will get tea herself, because "Alice is a special guest." Looking outside the window, Alice notices a crowd of people, wherein he describe their actions as "stupid;" however, the girl explained to him that he shouldn't say the word "stupid," because it's a welcome parade for him. Everyone's looking forward for that day--the Arrival of Alice of Wonderland. Alice expressed his opinion that the people doesn't seem to notice him. But that is because they don't want anything to do with Alice, as explained by the little girl. While drinking her tea, Alice perceives that the child is hurt, which made him cure her, wherein he removes his necktie and tied it around her palm. Because of this, she thanked him. Then the Duchess asks if the Alice of Wonderland like Wonderland. Alice gave a response, but the Duchess tells him that he himself should find out the answer of his own question, because it is the world wherein he will be living from now on, and asks if he think he will like it. Alice said that he will hurry up and kill the White Rabbit and will be free to do whatever he likes. But one thing she doesn't understand--all the Alices who have been brought to Wonderland have sacrificed many things to become the "Real Alice." They thought of moving forward and abandoned many things important to them--and it's because one can't become Alice without doing that. Even so, she asks if Alice still want to become Alice. When Alice is about to give his answer, someone interrupted--which appears to be the Fish Footman. Unfortunately, it's time to say goodbye to Alice and she promises to have their tea next time. She wanted to know more about Alice, but Alice doesn't know about her. While walking down the hallway with the Fish Footman, Alice found a colossal monster (Duke) entering the Duchess's hall.

Elsewhere, the Cheshire Cat, describing himself as a cold-hearted cat, that even if his mistress is out, there is nothing more he can do. The finishing picture of the chapter is a belt lying on the streets, with the Cheshire Cat talking to himself, that there's nothing a pet can do, after all.


Trivia and ErrorsEdit

  • In Lewis Carroll's days, "grin like a Cheshire cat" was a common phrase, but it had unknown origins.  Though in Cheshire, the country where Carroll was born, inns carried signs of grinning lions and cheeses were often molded into the shapes of grinning cats.  Real-life cats, however, cannot actually grin: instead, to show happiness, they rely on body language.
  • It's here that the manga and CD drama split temporarily, as in the CD drama, it cuts straight to The Pool Of Tears, while in the manga that doesn't occur until chapter 22.  The Cheshire Cat is not shown in bed with a woman like the manga has it in the drama and there is no indication that the Duchess is an actual character as well as the Duke.  The White Rabbit is less violent right off the bat with the Cheshire Cat, shown in a good mood until the Cat brings up the 89th Alice, and their conversation occurs at the beginning of the drama whereas it takes place in the middle of this chapter.  Alice and the Mad Hatter are also joined by the Cheshire Cat in a conversation that expands until the end of the track.
  • The Hatter taped the door to his shop with "keep out" tape.  Despite it, Alice still manages to open the door without an issue.
  • When showing images of a cartoon rabbit and mouse as stand-ins for the actual White Rabbit and Dormouse, the rabbit cartoon looks vaguely like the old form of the White Rabbit.
  • Alice manages to knock over cans by yelling at them and stomping his feet while outside; in real life, this wouldn't do anything.
  • The Fish Butler stands out among the characters as he's the only actual animal with a title; the Dormouse is a complete human while the Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit, and March Hare have animal ears and traits.
  • When Alice uses his tie as a bandage for the Duchess, his tie remains missing until he gets it back later.

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