Chapter 17

Furedī neko

Fraidy-Cat is the seventeenth chapter of the Are You Alice? manga series.


"The dream that the Dormouse sees in Wonderland is…?"


Alice and the Mad Hatter arrive at and enter Caterpillar Lane where not a single person can be seen. Alice picks up an apple and a sudden voice comes out which was made by a caterpillar inside it. As Alice drops it, a dark-skinned, hooded woman pulls his arm and let it "squeeze" her breasts which eventually made Alice scandalized due to her action.

The woman, then, welcomes the two but made no reaction at all. The Mad Hatter points a gun at her which made the woman say that the touching "reunion," spoiled and also compares the current Alice to the previous Alice. The woman, then, thought that if Alice has come to pay a visit at the place, then it probably means that he's decided on some information he'd like to receive. She then grabs a butterfly-shaped eyeglasses and sees the "ever-yawning" regular customer (Dormouse) asleep at a bar which made the Mad Hatter decides to meet with and Alice then have thought that the "name" of the woman was Caterpillar as she remarks that it would be the 89th Alice's first experience with "Caterpillar." As Caterpillar declares they would depart, they were brought to another location similar that of Caterpillar Lane. Caterpillar walks through the narrow-bricked road and grabs a book from a high bookshelf that gradually appears from the buildings. As Caterpillar reads the 100 Tales of Caterpillar Lane, specifically, Foot #49: The Wimpy Book, the brick road opens down where the two falls down "steadily" while Alice falls "unsteadily" and ends up at a cartoon-like Wonderland.

Caterpillar, sitting down on a large mushroom, discusses that "The Wimpy Book" is rather the title Alice chooses even though there were many more interesting titles to pick from such as "The Spendthrift's Book," "The Parasite's Book," "The Third wheel's Book," (the one she recommends), and "The Book of Earthenware Teapot Steamed Food." She also adds that "The Wimpy Book" is way to simple that since everyone in Wonderland is so soft on Alice, she supposes that there's no helping it but she intends to join the "boring" story as well.

However, as Caterpillar steps down the large mushroom, she sees a "dead end" across the forest so there's no path to cross to, which leads them to fall down once again. Because of this, the Mad Hatter goes mad, blaming Alice of keeping doing things however he wants to but Alice cries out that he's not doing this just because he feels like it that if the White Rabbit is there, then the normal answer is to chase after it. Caterpillar, "halting" the two, tells Alice that it's rather easy to flow through the story, so curious Alice has to move it along. Furthermore, she adds that, "Caterpillar Lane is a different sort of story, about going after what you're looking for. If the place you wish to reach exists, it conforms with the prescribed book. You should act accordingly," which made Alice understood it "better." The Mad Hatter also adds that as they meet the Dormouse, he must get used to being a wimp; moreso, Caterpillar says that it's a "please act quite unlike Alice" sort of thing which Alice thought to be the most difficult thing to do.


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