Gyo 1

The Fish Footman

The Fish Footman is the footman of the Duchess who is her servant and a "creature" in uniform in the mansion.

When he was ordered to bring Alice to his mistress, Alice, who is in complete shock, insulted the "creature" because it is a fish talking and that it is "disgusting" which made the footman also insulted for it was rude of someone who meets for the first time to be critical of it.

Furthermore, when Alice regains consciousness after the incident where he gets eaten up by the Duke, he punches the footman out of surprise which made the footman incited.

He also welcomes the Duke as it enters the mansion hall for the Duchess will be performing her duty.

He is dressed like that of a footman and usually has a mannerism of saying, "Gyo" in Japanese after every speech he tells.



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