Endless Loop

Endless Loop

Mugen rūpu

Endless Loop is the twenty-third chapter of the Are You Alice? series.


"I have to... Meet up with..."


The chapter opens with Marianne drawing cartoon figures depicting different characters participating in the Caucus Race. As she stops writing, she coughs blood, ruining her work. She comments that her story is boring, but the Alice of Wonderland's story is really amazing.

At her throne, the White Rabbit reports to Marianne the chores he accomplished. Suddenly, Marianne utters peculiar words while crying, resulting to the White Rabbit's anxiety. She tells him to not crumble everything, with the latter thinking that the 89th Alice should not be in Wonderland. Hence, he plans on killing him if he would not die soon.

The March Hare acts childish again, but the White Rabbit does not give any response. So, a voice asks him how long he will make his "friend" suffer, which is revealed to be Marianne. He answers "yes", but adds that it is not nice since she is there. Marianne answers that she only wanted to be included in the story.

At the Pool of Tears, Alice is seen resting, seemingly waiting for the Cheshire Cat. The Dodo says that they are going to die in the Caucus Race. The Mad Hatter sees the Dodo as an enemy and wants Alice to shoot the Dodo right away. The two argue if Alice is going to shoot the Dodo or not. However, Alice tells the Mad Hatter that the Dodo is not his "enemy" yet. As the Cheshire Cat and Alice talk to each other, the Hatter fires his gun towards the Cheshire Cat. Afterwards, Alice shoots the Dodo, presuming he is dead. However, the Dodo is actually not dead, much to their astonishment.

Drinking alcohol at the bar, the Dormouse says that the rules are very simple; the participant should run continuously until they die.

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