Duchess Manga


Kōshaku fujin

Replacement of "Alice"
Manga Debut
Kawata Taeko

The Duchess (公爵夫人, Kōshaku fujin) is a character of the manga series, Are You Alice? Her role is to be Alice's replacement and is the unrequited mistress of the Cheshire Cat.


Little is known about the Duchess, but the duty given to her is to be Alice's replacement. The Cheshire Cat also referred to her as his lovely mistress. She is beheaded by the Queen of Hearts for not fulfilling her mission.


The Duchess is a little girl with a pale complexion, pink short hair and large eyes. Her height is only 119cm (3'10"). On her hair lies a big hat on her right where one portion of her hair is curled as her bangs. She wears a black-and-white stripped dress fit to her small stature and size and big ribbon behind her neck. Underneath her outfit, she wears a pair of white undergarments reaching to her knees. She wears brown knee-high boots with laces of ribbon tied into it.


The Duchess is very sweet and mature for her age. She is devoted and motivated in her role as Alice's replacement. It took Alice to like her for her kindness and they were very good friends. She expressed her love for Cheshire Cat not long before she died, beheaded by the Queen of Hearts.


  • (To the Cheshire Cat) "...But I will never love you... Because I am Alice's substitute... After all... It would be painful if I came to love you."
  • (To the Cheshire Cat) "Bye, Bye Cheshire Cat."
  • (To Alice) "If you want to become Alice, you've got to keep moving forward. No matter what."
  • "Why? How come? ...Alice always asks things like that."
  • "No matter what sort of Alice was brought to Wonderland up until now, every one of them sacrificed so many things in order to become the real Alice. Trying not to get caught up in the past, they only ever thought of moving forward... And left so many important things behind in the process. Because if you don't do that, you can't become Alice."
  • (To Alice) "...Even though that's the case... Do you still want to become Alice?"
  • "I'm not allowed to give my pet a name. I'm not allowed to collar my pet. These are part of this land's - Wonderland's - absurd rules."
  • "Those that are useless mustn't exist in Wonderland. And no one must get in the way of Alice... Reaching the conclusion... And that's why my turn is over. A new duchess will become Alice's substitute."


  • The Duchess's hobbies consist of dressing up and thinking about Alice.
  • The Duchess's special skill is making tea more skillfully than the Mad Hatter.
  • It is unknown when the Duchess had her first love, since she considers it as a "private" matter.

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