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The Dormouse (眠りネズミ, Nemuri Nezumi, literally meaning "sleeping mouse") was Wonderland's informant, and, due to a contract with the White Rabbit, he could give any information he had to whoever is named Alice. He may have found about how to exit Wonderland, since he held the most information about how to leave. He was an old friend of the Mad Hatter as well as the Dodo.


It is unknown how the Dormouse came to Wonderland, but it is assumed he wished to crush his world like the others. At some point, he signed a contract with the White Rabbit, expanding his rules, allowing him to gather any information he liked and give it to Alice and the Mad Hatter. The Mad Hatter became close friends with the Dormouse and, at some point, gave him a gun to protect himself and his very own tea pot. When the Mad Hatter stopped his time, the Dormouse spoke to him about it, expressing care about it.


The Dormouse had short, spiky, dirty gray hair with a small portion of his bangs lying down on his forehead and had a shaved beard. Underneath his brown jacket and black scarf with white stripes, encircled around the collar of his jacket, he wore a white sleeveless shirt. He also wore a pair of black trousers and a pair of elf-like shoes.


The Dormouse was a lazy man who believed in taking the cautious route.


Arrival of the 89th Alice in WonderlandEdit

The Dormouse is first seen at a pub, yawning; he states his bad feeling regarding the arrival of the 89th Alice.[1]

Ruckus at Town SquareEdit

The Dormouse is one of the people who became shocked when a lady proclaims that she "has found Alice". Later, when Alice gets stuck at the little space in Caterpillar Lane's entrance, the Dormouse appears behind Alice and asks him if he is afraid of the Mad Hatter after Alice voiced out his concern of the Hatter's ease when killing Regrets who have previously been Alice candidates like him. The Dormouse reassures him that it is natural to fear the Hatter; besides, he probably only cares about the story's ending. He holds up a key and frees Alice, advising him that he must be loyal to the Queen of Hearts to be able to enter Caterpillar Lane. Alice asks him who he is, but the man refuses to give his name. Instead, he imparts that carelessly telling one's name to another shall make the White Rabbit mad and calls Alice by his name.[1] He tells Alice about the Hatter's personality, making Alice think that he may be the man they were looking for. Just then, black oozes appear, and the Dormouse inform Alice that the Duke has attacked town square because the substitute probably failed to fulfill her duty. As the Duke is crazy about Alice, he, as the real Alice, may be able to stop the Duke. The Dormouse leaves and Alice asks him if he is running away, but he tells him that he is merely being cautious. He asks Alice to tell the Hatter that his timing is terrible as usual.[2]


  • The Dormouse from Alice in Wonderland is a tranquil creature, sleeping during the tea party while the Mad Hatter and March Hare party along and use it as an armrest. A real British dormouse looks like a squirrel more than a mouse, and it's possible that the drawings in the book used a wombat owned by a friend of Carroll as a model. The Dormouse, in the story, was mostly asleep during the mad tea party and only rarely woke up, and when it did it was only slightly conscious. At the very end of the chapter, as Alice leaves the tea party, she can see the Dormouse being shoved into a tea-pot.


  • (To the 89th Alice) "Unfortunately, it's against the rules of Wonderland to carelessly tell someone your name. The White Rabbit will be angry if you don't take care of your name properly. Isn't that right, Alice?"[1]
  • (To Alice) "I'm the careful type, you see. I just choose the best option."[2]
  • (To Alice regarding the Mad Hatter) "...If you see the Hatter, tell him this: 'as usual, the Hatter has bad timing'."[2]
  • "Sorry. I'm a pretty cautious guy."
  • "The only way to break your appointed rule... Is to sign a contract with the White Rabbit."


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