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The Dodo Bird (ドードー, Dōdō) is a character of the manga series, Are You Alice?


Rather short structured. Dodo is seen wearing clothing twice his size, and his sleeves drooping over his hands. He wears a white button up shirt, a green and orange decorative tie and black overalls, striped socks and black and white dress shoes, topped with a yellow(ish) hat that was given to him by Dormouse.

He has wide black eyes, often staring. His hair is brown and he has messy tail feathers and usually has his mouth gaped open.


Dodo shot

The Dodo shot by Alice

A quiet character who mainly rarely speaks even when spoken to, often mutters the same sentence and can come off rather cold or indifferent towards strangers. However, around those he is familiar with (in his case Dormouse), he's a bit more talkative, though he lacks vocabulary. Dodo is a bit sensitive, easy to make cry and cherishes those close to him.
Dodo cry

The Dodo cries

He spends most of his time at the Pool of Tears, but has also been seen with Dormouse at the bar drinking juices with him and often ventures around Caterpillar lane.


  • "You're going to die in the Caucus Race."
  • "My friend... He's... Going to be killed."


  • Lewis Carroll referred to himself as the Dodo, and it's possible that Alice in Wonderland's Dodo Bird was a representation of himself, much like the later White Knight.
  • He appears in the CD dramas, saying the same lines as before, but his ultimate fate is missed and he continues to live.

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