Crumble Like Cookies

Chapter 15

Kuranburu no yō kukkī
Cover Characters

Crumble Like Cookies is the fifteenth chapter of the Are You Alice? manga series.


"Won't it change? This distant relationship."


Alice is seen holding the key as his reward from the Queen of Hearts. Behind him, two shadows resembling the silhouette of ladies are following him. The Knave of Hearts cradles the boy's dead body and the past of the Queen is being shown and a narration is being told by the Queen himself.

"I targeted the women who favoured me, and went around killing them. The same number as a deck of cards without a Joker. Was I the Joker?"

The White Rabbit is shown giving him the name "Queen of Hearts," since it fits him. It is also shown that the Queen gives orders the women to clean the mess immediately, for he despises the color red ad report to the White Rabbit.

For the first time, it is shown that the Knave of Hearts spoke to the Queen saying "…Was showing this to Alice your goal? Highness?" And the Queen told him not to speak, asking if he was disobeying is order.

He picks up a piece of paper that Rogy holds which was from the Duke. He reads the contents of the letter and tells the Knave of Hearts that the 89th Alice is accustomed to be hated.

Elsewhere, Alice is seen walking and paused for a while, and pounds the wall, and Marianne appeared in front of Alice, asking him if he intends give up, but as Alice lifts up his head, he sees the The 88th Alice. The Cheshire Cat also appeared and told him to do his best. Also, the Mad Hatter appeared, noticing that rain also falls in Wonderland and some images marked with an "X" seems to be deceased. The Mad Hatter seems to have a bad feeling of having a tea with a stalk--which means that a stranger is coming.


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