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Cinderella is the thirty-eighth chapter of Are You Alice?.  It and the following chapters up to chapter 41 are also the adaptation of Alice's Tea Party Phase Two: Knave of Hearts.


The chapter opens at the Queen's castle, reveiling that the Queen of Hearts is getting dressed for a party he's hosting later that day.  The Knave is on duty, watching as the Queen exchanges his closing behind a screen with a Trump close by.  The Trump informs the ruler that the party will soon be fully prepared and encourages him to relax; the Queen draws her close, asking for a "personal request" only to be refused and reminded that the Trumps are only there to ensure that he does not forget his pride as the Queen.  He shoos her off, and once the door closes the Queen speaks to Jack while finishing getting dressed, and just as he's about to allow Jack to speak as much as he wants, the Queen steps out only to find the bodyguard has left him.

We cut to outside the Hatter's apartment in the alley we saw a long time ago, where Alice is sharpening his shooting skills.  The Hatter sneaks up on him and warns Alice that firing his gun so early in the morning will scare the rabbits away.  Alice states that his reason is learning to protect himself, since the last few times the Mad Hatter failed to show up and save him in time.  Assuming this is because of the Cheshire Cat's betrayl, he points out that Alice has only managed to hit one can (see Trivia and Errors), so Alice asks for advice on shooting.  The Hatter's advice?  "Shoot, and if you hit it, everything's fine."  Since the practice is doing no good, the Hatter asks for Alice to do something useful: teaching him how to tie a necktie.

Utterly hopeless at such a simple task, the teaching moment derails into an arguement between the two.  Eventually getting sick of it, Alice just does it for the Hatter and asks why he needs a tie anyway, partly because the Hatter commonly wears a hunting stock.  The Hatter reveals that today, an event is being held that everyone in the country can attend to that's hosted by the Queen.  Turning to go get ready himself, the Hatter stops him and says that the reason the event is being held is because it is the Alice Fixed Holiday, the one day in the year where everyone forgets that the game exists and parties.  Alice panics, since he's believed that this whole time the game revolves around him, but the Mad Hatter reassures him that, due to the holiday, no one will attack Alice - not the Regrets, the White Rabbit, or any other enemy.  Joking, the Hatter begins to leave, telling Alice that if he's a good boy, a fairy godmother will come and take him to the castle, and he leaves after reassuring Alice that if he wasn't Alice, he'd already be dead several times over by now.

Coming outside, the Hatter is greeted by the Cheshire Cat, who is surprised that the Hatter invited him and that he never recieved an invite himself.  They begin to talk as they walk to the Queen's castle, the Hatter angered that though he's free of babysitting a brat, he's still stuck with terrible company.  The Cheshire Cat points out that the Hatter is currently having troubles he's never encountered before with the Alices and that this is his first time attending the Alice Fixed Holiday, though the Cat quickly assumes it's because of the previous Alices being girls.  Reminded, the Hatter brings up the fact that Alice is being haunted by handicapping the Cheshire Cat, only to be told that, because of the missing limb, he's now treated several times better than he once was because people take pity on him now.  The Hatter thinks that Alice has been practicing his shooting in order to draw the Cheshire Cat's attention to how he's missing the targets, as if to apologize, and the Cat replies that, as much as he wants to give Alice more advice, he's terrible with apologies.

We return to Alice, lounging on a couch in the apartment reading a pamphlet on the party's events, complete with athletic events and a singing of the national amthem.  Alice sulks despite the absurdity of the pamphlet, upset that he's, once again, not recieving anything despite being the most important person in the game.  He stops his sulking to have tea, only to begin angrily bashing the table, yelling all his rage towards not being cared for or pampered despite being "Alice".  At this moment, he's interrupted by someone being at the door.  Reminded of how the Hatter told him no one wanted to be in his company and the idea of a fairy godmother sweeping him away, Alice puts on his jacket, gets his revolver, and answers, only meet the unexpected guest at gunpoint. Cutting to the Cheshire Cat, who is aware of the situation, he asks the Hatter if he's sure he wants to be away from Alice; the Hatter, due to not "hearing a gunshot", believes there's no real danger and continues on after threatening the Cheshire Cat once again, promising to send him to the crematorium with Alice.


Trivia and ErrorsEdit

  • The title of the chapter is obviously of the Cinderella fairy tale: a prince gives a ball and an evil stepmother forces her step-daughter to stay home and clean while taking herself and her own two daughters with her.  While mourning at home, a fairy godmother gives Cinderella the ability to go to the ball by disguising her, giving her glass slippers and a carriage made of a puumpkin, and giving her until midnight to return.  It's one of the few titles referenced in the chapter itself, through the Mad Hatter's jokes towards Alice staying at home because of the Alice Fixed Holiday.
  • Alice, while practicing in the alley, is shooting a Coca-Cola glass bottle from roughly 1912, a Smuckers grape soda can, and a Del Monte can of corn.  It should be noted that, not only according to Are You Alice? that this is around the time Alice in Wonderland was being published (1862 to 1865), but that it wasn't until 1909 that Del Monte aquired their shield-shaped logo.
    • When the Hatter manages to shoot the Smuckers can, it disappears from existance, leaving only juice behind. 
  • In the manga, Alice fires five shots while practicing in the alley, yet in the following chapter when he states he's out of bullets, it's shown his pistol can fire six shots.  In the drama CD, it's worse as Alice fires seven shots without reloading once, which is possible for revolvers, but not the one Alice is shown having in the manga.  Also, the Hatter states that Alice has only managed to hit one can, despite the fact that neither media displays such an event.
  • The inability of the Hatter to tie a necktie carries over in one of the bonus covers for volume 7.
  • The tie arguement brings up points Alice has mentioned before: that he and the Hatter act like a bickering couple or husband and wife.
  • In the manga, the guest that kidnaps Alice rings the doorbell.  In the CD drama, they knock on the door.

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