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The Cheshire Cat (チェシャ猫, Cheshaneko) is the loyal pet cat of the Duchess and the one who led Alice to Wonderland instead of the White Rabbit. He is not seen by the Mad Hatter (though he's still heard), and often disappears without explanation. He was the person who gave Alice his name.  He has no real role in the game, simply enjoying life in Wonderland, but it's shown that he's fully capable of killing Alices and being killed by Alices.


Cheshire stabs Alice

The Cheshire Cat stabs Alice

The Cheshire Cat is Dinah, the pet of Alice Liddell. Although it's largely unknown as to how Dinah became the Cheshire Cat, he has known the White Rabbit since Alice in Wonderland fell apart. In fact, the Cheshire Cat basically started it all, handing the bloodied manuscript to the White Rabbit, instructing him on what to do, helping him whenever, and even telling him the name of the author and who stole "Alice" away, Lewis Carrol.

At the end of the 88th Game, the Cheshire Cat was the one who killed the 88th Alice, stabbing her in the stomach with a knife. Telling the Hatter that "if it's impossible for her little brother, then it's impossible for the author too", he manages to escape with only an injured arm.

It is due to this event that the Cheshire Cat found the then Duchess, and his wounds were taken care of by the little girl. It is hinted he really liked her, however the Cheshire Cat never stayed inside their house, always wandering around and sleeping in other people's houses trying to not get attached to the little girl. However, it is shown that Cheshire got very attached to her, even crying for her.


Cheshire Cat is a tall, pale, effeminate young man with ears resembling a cat that makes him distinct among others. His height is 180 cm (5'11"). He has long brown hair with side-swept bangs, mostly covering his eyes. Underneath his black suit lined with brown, he wears a loose white shirt and a brown vest. He wears a pair of knee-high hazel boots, and commonly has his hands in his pockets.


The Cheshire Cat is a carefree and satirist person. He will not hesitate to kill if needed, to obtain his goal. He is always seen smiling on the outside although he suffers a lot on the inside. He is the kind of a character who knows more than what he says and tells anyone straight what he thinks. He was very attached to his first owner Alice and after that to the Duchess.


  • In the original story, the Cheshire Cat was owned by the Duchess and had a perpetual grin on his face. He gives Alice cryptic advice and is very loyal to his owner, and later on appears in the Queen's garden to once again talk to Alice.  Here, the Cheshire Cat was capable of completely vanishing, as well as allowing his grin, eyes, ears, head, and body appear at different times.
    • However, Dinah was, in the book, the female pet cat owned by the Liddell children.  Furthermore, while it's never told what color of fur Dinah had, she had two kittens in Through the Looking-Glass; a white kitten and a black kitten (and according to the narration, the event of the second book are entirely the black kitten's fault).  In the manga, Alice Liddell is seen carrying a black cat with her, and it's directly stated that this cat is Dinah, who later becomes the Cheshire Cat.
  • His night job is being a prostitute, usually in exchange for food and a bed.
  • Despite attacking the Alices on two different occassions, the 88th was ready to work with him if it meant regaining her name and the 89th was sympathetic towards the Cheshire Cat before and after the event, blaming himself for being unable to help the Duchess or his fault for shooting off the Cheshire Cat's arm.
  • Before the event with the Duke, the Cheshire Cat's ears were black and he wore a sweater with a high collar under a suit.  Presumably because of having the back of his outfit burned away, he switched his clothing to what he wears now and in volume three, his ears are the same color as his hair.
  • The Cheshire Cat's special skill is stalking.
  • The Cheshire Cat is not loyal towards the Queen of Hearts, as stated so by himself when he said that only those who are loyal to the Queen can enter the Caterpillar Lane and he cannot.


  • "No one can really love a pet..."
  • "I'm just a pet cat.  Nothing more, nothing less."
  • "Enemies? What's that?"
  • "I'm such a cold-hearted cat. Even when my mistress was in tatters, there was nothing I can do for her. A pet like me is useless, after all... Experiencing such a sad feeling just once is more than enough. Don't you think, Alice?"
  • (To Alice) "You don't have to abandon everyone. You're carrying the spirit of the words you just spoke. You're carrying the name. And you're carrying the story. The Duchess also told you about the story, I believe. If you follow the path you believe in, even I will be happy."
  • "Even if people are on good terms, they can lie to each other. Right?- No, This is a place where lies have to be told precisely because people are on good terms, isn't it?" (Alice: "Oh, are those the kind of lies you're telling?") "It's regrettable, but before you tell lies, you have to be close to someone. I don't have anyone like that."
  • "If it's for you, I will throw everything away."

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