Caterpillar Lane sign

The welcome sign of Caterpillar Lane

The Caterpillar Lane is one of the significant places in Wonderland especially for the candidates of being Alice of Wonderland, since this is one way for them to be able to become and be acknowledged as the real Alice.
Caterpillar Lane 3

Caterpillar Lane opens as a market

One of the keys in entering Caterpillar Lane is to be able to find the Dormouse. When Alice got stucked in the "tacky" path of Caterpillar Lane, the Mad Hatter ran away in order to handle alone the Duke, who was able to find his "Alice." Incidentally, the Dormouse appears before Alice but hasn't yet introduced himself to him and inserted the key, opening the lane into a market of fruits and vegetables. Alice, who is in the "state" of saving his friends from the Duke, climbs up a ladder and shouts his name to the Duke when the Mad Hatter was about to shoot.