Bubblegum Music

Chapter 9

Fūsen gamu ongaku
Cover Characters

Bubblegum Music is the ninth chapter of the Are You Alice? manga series.


"Everything is ready, let's charge!!"


The chapter begins where the White Rabbit tells the name of the Mad Hatter which is "Mad Hatter." Hatter, then, was given his role by the Queen of Hearts as he throws a gun to him that he must kill those who are hostile towards Alice and he can only become Alice's strength.

Meanwhile, as Alice is being brought to the Duchess's place, the Mad Hatter is still in question of who is the real Alice. Alice was "fully" awakened by the fish butler and was hugged by the Duchess, which seemed to make him see with dull eyes. He asks where the monster is and the Cheshire Cat tells him that he was dealt with by the White Rabbit. The Duchess and the Cheshire Cat exchange each other's goodbyes and Alice feels good as the Duchess assures him that she won't be a replacement anymore.

Elsewhere, the Mad Hatter takes his tea but complains that he doesn't want others preparing tea for him because it doesn't have any flavour. The Knave of Hearts then arrives and awaits for the Duchess, who is about to be killed. The Duchess, herself, admits that useless people shouldn't be in Wonderland so she can't be in the way of Alice whose about to reach its goal. She is then beheaded by the Queen of Hearts who will be telling the Cheshire Cat her final message.

Suddenly, the Cheshire Cat, together with a woman, felt a little "lonely" as the Duchess was seem to be killed. The Mad Hatter was told by the Duchess before she disappears that he's the only one whose image she didn't see inside the pitch black ink, his regrets and his past; questioning him who he is in Wonderland where the Mad Hatter only left a smile as his response.


Trivia and ErrorsEdit

  • "Bubblegum pop", which can also be called the title of the chapter, was a genre of music targeted towards teenagers in the late 1960's and early 1970's.  They were largely music sold as singles with mostly unknown musicians with easy to learn music.  They starred lyrics about happy and good things or sugary things like honey or candy, and they were largely popular in the United States.
  • When the Cheshire Cat's back is seen for a moment, it's perfectly healed up.
  • In the magazine edition of this chapter, two fo the pages of the Duchess's execution are different: when the Duchess begins to tear up, saying she should've been jealous, there are four talk bubbles and it's zoomed out a bit.  She never looks up at the Queen and we see him winding up.  Jack is seen sitting by the throne and there's a small picture of the Duchess bowing, and then the scythe begins to head towards her.  In the book editions, the picture of the Duchess crying is zoomed in a bit, and her bubble saying "Those are my regrets" is moved onto the next page with her looking to the Queen.  There's a beat panel for the Queen looking down, and then a full panel of him pulling back his scythe.  Jack, instead of standing by the throne watching, has averted his eyes and is looking to the side.  The picture of the Duchess bowing is closer, there's a panel of the scythe heading towards her, and there is a lean panel of her smiling during her final moments  There is also a small panel on the following page of the Duchess remembering holding her hand out to the Cheshire Cat, just before they meet and he takes her hand.
    • This small change is significant to the Queen and the Knave more than it is the Duchess.  Jack showcases, more openly, that he has a hatred of his job because of the executions.  The face the Queen makes in the beat panel is one of thought, and he almost seems upset that he has to do this.

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