Black Lady

Chapter 11

Kuro shukujo
Cover Characters

Black Lady is the eleventh chapter of the Are You Alice? manga series.


"Which one's your type?"


Alice, the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat arrives at the Queen's castle and were welcomed by the Knave of Hearts who abruptly laughed at Alice who's dressed up as a woman; and got hit by the irritated Alice. Alice wants to quit as Alice but the Cheshire Cat further explains that he still have a long way to go for the Dormouse, who knows where the White Rabbit is, is hiding in Caterpillar Lane and in order to enter Caterpillar Lane, he must be loyal to the Queen. The Mad Hatter initially shoots at the Cheshire Cat where Alice was nearly killed--who wants to get killed.

Elsewhere, the 88th Alice appears where the Cheshire Cat was startled of and tells him that the current Alice isn't lovely at all. She also adds that it was his fault that she didn't become the "best" Alice for the Cheshire Cat kills her, where he does not acknowledges her; much to the Mad Hatter's surprise when he arrives at the scene. The Cheshire Cat tells the Mad Hatter this: "If it's impossible for her pet and her little brother, then it's impossible for her teacher, too. Alice doesn't belong to anyone. Alice is...", and the Mad Hatter shoots him.

At the Queen's castle, Alice then tells the Queen that he wishes to do what the Queen says to be able to gain loyalty where the Mad Hatter had already given his time to the Queen so he will be going home for tea. As the Mad Hatter leaves, Alice and the Queen then goes for their work.

Elsewhere, the White Rabbit staggers on his way when the March Hare appears and calls him, "Snowy" while smiling.


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