Be Lost In Reverie

Chapter 16

Sa ushinawa de musō

Be Lost In Reverie is the sixteenth chapter of the Are You Alice? manga series.



The chapter begins with the White Rabbit in the original story yelling that he is late, saying the Duchess is fussy about time, and fearing that if she tells the Queen of Hearts, the White Rabbit's head might be the one to roll. Suddenly, the White Rabbit notices that something is different, and Marianne appeared, ordering the White Rabbit that he cannot stop. The White Rabbit is astonished why she knows his name and asked her who she is. When he said the word "name," he finally noticed that Alice isn't in Wonderland. Marianne again appeared running and called for the White Rabbit and was tripped due to a little piece of rock. She then orders him to not come any closer, because if he stops and if he turns to look behind himself, the story won't be able to continue. Marianne can't move her foot well, even though she has to chase after the White Rabbit. Losing hope, it was shown that Marianne's left foot was "left" and doesn't know where she left it, which made the White Rabbit think if he was having a nightmare. Marianne cannot believe that Wonderland is getting distorted, and the "truth" is getting all jumbled up, and they're inhabitants of the story--the world of story written out in blue ink. She doesn't want to do it even a single time more, she doesn't want to know about this, he just wanted to stop it, and she doesn't want a little brother. She suddenly asks help from the White Rabbit and pleads "Sensei" to stop. She tells him that Alice is an existence that will continue to live in the eternal world drawn by someone else's hand, and all of that is a story whose outcome has already been decided. At that rate, "Sensei" will break. When the White Rabbit seems to begone, he seems to be in a dark place.

In there, eyes resembling a cat appeared in the dark place, who appears to be the Cheshire Cat, and tells him that Wonderland was ripped into pieces. The Cheshire Cat also told him that if it was only moderately distorted it could be a fine place, but all the same, and asks him if he thinks there is something called "limits," and the White Rabbit found out that it was the Cheshire Cat, and he replied that he is the Cheshire Cat, which is a good name in his opinion. The Cheshire Cat appeared and favoured the White Rabbit that he should call him by that name, which the White Rabbit denied of. The Cheshire Cat explained that the White Rabbit broke away from a tiny world that could only be guided by someone else's hand--that he is a inhabitant of the superb story, and now, he is an excellent, self-aware human. And from all of Wonderland that was lost, only the White Rabbit remain--the Queen of Hearts, the Trump Soldiers, the Mad Hatter, the Dormouse, and the March Hare all disappeared, which made the White Rabbit astonished. Because, the Cheshire Cat have been thinking he might by some chance have what it takes to save Alice. The Cheshire Cat came in that place to hear the White Rabbit's intentions--his intentions to save Alice. Finally, the White Rabbit remembered that Alice suddenly disappeared, to which the Cheshire Cat answered that she died. But that is a story unrelated to that of Wonderland. There is an Alice who exists within the world of the story, though it would be better for her if the White Rabbit would leave her be. Even if that is how it is, the Cheshire Cat cannot think of doing such a thing. But there is no helping it, since Sensei is keeping Alice all to himself. The White Rabbit asks him if Sensei is the one who is distorting Wonderland, and if he is the one who is making Alice suffer. The White Rabbit is surprised that Alice and himself and everyone in Wonderland was made by Sensei, and adds that he has the "freedom," and not a resident of that book. Finally, the Cheshire Cat explained that as a single human being, it is fine for the White Rabbit what he can for Alice's sake--the Cheshire Cat tells him that he doesn't say that to force him, but because that is the path for hm on his own, no one could blame him. Then at last, the White Rabbit decided that he will save Alice, for that is what Alice desires.

The Cheshire Cat became delighted and gave the White Rabbit the scattered "Alice in Wonderland," though right now, they're just scraps of paper. When the Cheshire Cat was about to get out of that place, the White Rabbit gave him the last question: "Who was it that created our world?" where the answer is "Lewis Carroll."

In the current time, Alice and the 88th Alice are conversing after the rain. The 88th Alice poked Alice, "scolding" him that he is Alice and he is walking down by himself, which she thought of as "unbelievable," and asks him on what he is going to do if he was tormented by Regrets. Walking away, she told him that he can't become Alice.

Suddenly, she told Alice that even though he is Alice, since he is walking around by himself, he is being tormented by a Regret. Being tormented, the Mad Hatter appears, pointed the gun to the Regret, saying that it has a horrible hobby, and he has an obligation to return home before the sugar dissolves in order to be on time for tea. And he told the Regret that his job is to protect Alice from "enemies," shooting the Regret. After that, the Mad Hatter asked Alice why did he swear loyalty to the Queen of Hearts, and again with the questions, he told him that he has purpose to get out of Wonderland.

Once again, they go to Caterpillar Lane, with Alice describing the place as tasteless as ever, but with the Mad Hatter as normal.

Elsewhere, the 88th Alice is "freaking out" that the current Alice isn't Alice, that he must be killed off quick, but he cannot kill him, and was interfered by the Cheshire Cat, asking her if the 89th Alice feels hollow or not. The next scene is the Dormouse saying: "Once you make sure of that, the one left watching all those experiences... is you. That's something that probably has nothing to do with the likes of us, huh? --Wouldn't you say, Mad Hatter?"--which means that he converses with the Mad Hatter.


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