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89th Alice of Wonderland
Queen of Looking-Glass Land (candidate)
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Takahiro Sakurai

Alice? (アリス, Arisu) is the main protagonist of the manga series, Are You Alice?. He was given the title of "Alice", and was named the 89th Alice of Wonderland by the Queen of Hearts before joining the game of killing the White Rabbit in which he is assisted by the Mad Hatter. Later, it is revealed that he is the "younger brother" of Marianne, the "true Alice".


Alice has his name officially published in every official character profiles with a question mark after it, indicating the uncertainty of the name "Alice" as his real name. This can also be interpreted as his current status, the 89th candidate of "Alice of Wonderland", thus making him not yet being the real "Alice." His position as a candidate is also questionable, as it was not the White Rabbit who gave him his new role. It is said that he is the first male being the candidate of "Alice."

At first, Alice denied his name being "Alice," even saying that his name was probably Alice. Even still, he reacted when called by it.

After the first Regret attack, he did not deny it anymore. When told by the Queen to say his name, he did not hesitate to answer with "Alice."

The very first sentence of the manga, which resurfaces later on, is "My name... What is it?" This could mean that Alice was unsure about his name himself. It also implies he does not remember his earlier name or past at all.


Arriving in WonderlandEdit

Debut Alice

Alice arrives in Wonderland

It is never really explained how Alice got himself arriving in Wonderland, but it can be seen from the cover of the first chapter of the manga; he fell down the rabbit-hole as how "Alice" should have been. However, in the drama CD, it is revealed that a door allows anyone to enter Wonderland, similar to what Alice came across after falling down the rabbit-hole. Alice himself has forgotten exactly what he came for in Wonderland, but his hopes are towards finding out who he really is.

Strangely enough, as said by the Queen of Hearts, it is a common knowledge in Wonderland that every "Alice" candidate is brought to Wonderland by the White Rabbit, who gives them the name "Alice". Yet Alice seemed to come to Wonderland out of his own will, and was welcomed by the Cheshire Cat instead. When asked by the Queen about being given a name by the White Rabbit, Alice answered with "probably". The Queen took this, however, as a "yes".

Because Alice did not learn about the game from the White Rabbit (he might have not even met him), he was surprised when the Queen told him about it. This was different from the 88th Alice, since she was told about it by the White Rabbit himself. This was also implied early in chapter 1 of the manga, when the Queen said that the Cheshire Cat has made its move, rather than the White Rabbit. The White Rabbit also considered Alice as an illegal intruder who did not need a name.

The Searching and Naming of Alice?Edit

Cheshire welcomes Alice

The Cheshire Cat welcomes "Alice"

The plot begins when Alice arrives in the middle of a parade being held in Wonderland. Pulled out of the crowd by the Cheshire Cat, he states that the parade will start soon and it would be dangerous to be in the streets. Alice thanks him, only to be welcomed to Wonderland by the Cat and called him "Alice", which causes him to flinch away. Saying his name is not Alice, the Cheshire Cat says that it is unusual to be doubtful to his own name. To get to an agreement, Alice says that his name is probably Alice, only for the whole crowd of the parade to turn and stare at him for this. The Cheshire Cat warns him not to turn around and that he will do Alice a favor and bring him wherever he wants, courtesy of a pet cat.

The Cheshire Cat begins to lead Alice to the Castle of the Queen of Hearts, dodging Alice's questions while asking his own. Stating that it will be nice if Alice finds what he is searching for, he asks if Alice does have any questions, only for the boy to comment that his intent is never answering useless questions. He apologizes, saying he did not have any intent to order him about unlike the Queen of Hearts. After explaining who "she" is, the Cheshire Cat tells Alice that they are going to the palace on orders, supposedly by the Queen of Hearts. Alice turns around to leave, not wanting to get involved in someone's absolute orders, only for the Cheshire Cat to tell him once again not to look back and tells him about the Regrets, which Alice confuses for "enemies". The Cat lists off the three types of humans that Regrets like, but only manages to name two: Alice in Wonderland and humans close to suicide.

Alice gets strangled

Alice's first Regret attack

He disappears the moment a Regret forms itself behind Alice, appearing like the Alice from Disney's movie. First appearing comforting to Alice, it then "attacks" by kissing Alice, then knocking him to the ground and strangling him; the Regret begs Alice to return the name, only to turn when Alice refuses to. The Mad Hatter, however, steps in and saves Alice, shooting the Regret and dissipating it. There is a brief moment of Alice wondering if he has seen the Mad Hatter before, only to push it away when the Hatter orders Alice to get up. Making a point by shooting down some Regrets hiding on the rooftops, Alice goes along with the new character after asking if he is an enemy or not.

Warning him not to turn around, the Mad Hatter clarifies why the Regrets appear if one "turns around": the Queen of Hearts made it an order to throw away one's past behind. As they begin to walk, presumably to the apartment where the Hatter lives, he asks if Alice met the Cheshire Cat, the "foolish cat who called [him] by name". Appearing out of nowhere, the Cat makes it a point that Alice named himself. The Hatter ignores him, warning Alice not to meet up with the Cat again. It is here where the Cheshire Cat points out that the Hatter cannot see him and hates him, only for the Hatter to clarify that he loves all cats but the Cheshire Cat. After being chased away, the Cat apologizes and asks to talk to him later, and, as he leaves the Mad Hatter, clarifies that he works for the Duchess, not the Queen.


89th Candidate as Alice of WonderlandEdit

Ever since the start of the manga, Alice has been welcomed by different characters as the 89th Alice of Wonderland. Initially, he wanted to reject this, but he then participated in the game provided that he must be rewarded once he is able to finish the game. Some characters believe in him to be able to complete the game, especially the Duchess, though a lot also despise him for being the 89th candidate for many particular reasons.

Candidate as Queen of Looking-Glass LandEdit

Alice as queen

Alice welcomed by the White Knight as "Queen"

When met by the White Knight, Alice shall go with him to meet the "Queen", presuming to meet the Queen of Hearts. However, the White Knight then kneels before him, welcoming Alice as Queen. With this, Alice stutters how this happened since he is already "Alice", but the White Knight explained that he is only a candidate for becoming the next Queen. To become Queen of Looking-Glass Land, he has to meet certain requirements to prove he is suitable to perform his job as adviser to the people of the country. Despite being only a candidate, Alice is treated well, as seen when the White Knight answers him completely and clearly, and also serves him tea instead of making himself his own. However, he can also be treated unfairly such as being pointed with a gun by the White Knight.


Alice colored

A colored version of Alice

Standing at 172cm (5'8"), Alice has blond hair and blue eyes. He wears a blue shirt under a white suit with a pair of white-colored laceless oxford shoes. These complements are the commonly known appearance of Alice of Wonderland, although this time he appears as the male version. Sometimes, if he stays at the apartment, he takes off his white suit and leaves his blue shirt on.


Alice has a confident personality. He believes that he can finish the game, for he is the Alice of Wonderland. When invited to someone's place, he does not want himself making tea, since he believes that he is a guest. This can be seen twice in the manga; when he asked the Mad Hatter if he will make his own tea; and when he asked the White Knight whether the tea will be made by the White Knight or by himself. Alice is also confident in the game to kill the White Rabbit and is determined to finish it by practicing his shooting skills with his revolver. In his spare time, he gets easily bored and just wants to kill the White Rabbit in order for the game to be finished already.

Alice sarcasm

Alice's sarcasm

Alice is also sarcastic most of the time. He loves to make comments on almost everything he thinks weird or out of place. The Knave of Hearts once thought his ironic retort as an insult to the Queen. Even if he is in grave conditions, he still has enough sarcasm; when he was a hostage of the Knave, he still manages to be somewhat sarcastic with the way he talks to the Knave.

Another characteristic worth mentioning is his curiosity. This corresponds to how Lewis Carroll's Alice's personality should have been (although she is, of course, without sarcasm; just pure curiosity). He is somewhat also emotional, shouting every time he can. This trait was commented by the Mad Hatter. Usually, and partially due to Alice's personality, when having a conversation with the Mad Hatter, it will end with the two of them quarreling.


Mad HatterEdit

Alice's most prominent relationship is with the Mad Hatter, who is tasked to protect Alice from enemies. The two of them are often at odds with each other and argue often. However, Alice, like all previous Alices, is attached to the Mad Hatter and often feels lonely if he isn't around. He also becomes jealous if the Mad Hatter gives his attention to others, like the March Hare. A running gag through the series is that both Alice and Hatter acknowledge that they are like a married couple. One example is when they were confronting the Dodo at the Pool of Tears, where Alice comments, "You're seriously the worst kind of dominant partner..." (as in the dominant partner in a homosexual relationship). Another is when March Hare comes to visit them and asks, "Am I bothering you?" Alice immediately comments, "Yes, you are bothering me, so much that I'm having a marriage crisis." In chapter 38, Hatter asks Alice to teach him how to tie a tie. When Alice asks why, he merely replies, "It's just my aspiration as a domineering husband." In the same chapter, Alice asks, "If I'm your wife, then do you have a 'mistress'?" Hatter responds in complete seriousness, "I'm completely dedicated to Alice", to which Alice told him he was creepy. 

Alice (Original)Edit

Alice looks up to the original Alice as his older sister whom he cherished dearly because even when he had nothing, she found him and held on to him. However, it was later revealed that he attempted to kill her because he was jealous of everything she had: her name, her life, her dreams. He killed her in order to become the real 'Alice' and then promptly forgot about it after he came to Wonderland. 

Duchess (Previous, Deceased)Edit

Alice was good friends with the Duchess and the two genuinely cared for each other. The two became good friends with each other and the Duchess encouraged Alice to become the true Alice. Alice was outraged when he heard that the Duchess was supposed to be his replacement in being attacked by the Duke, and attempted to set her free by killing the Duke. Sadly, this led to the Duchess's death due to her purpose being taken away. 


Alice punch

Alice's trademark punch for the Knave

As a masculine, Alice is able to fight, as seen when he tried to kick the Regret who attacked him. This can also be seen when he punches Jack later in the series.


Alice was given a black snub-nosed revolver by the Mad Hatter when he was brought to his apartment. Alice tried to use it to shoot him, but was unsuccessful since it had no bullets loaded. The Mad Hatter told Alice that the gun was not meant to protect himself, since there is no need as long as he is around protecting him. Later, it is implied that the real use of the gun is to help Alice in the game of killing the White Rabbit.


  • "There's no way she could be in Wonderland. She can't possibly be alive here."
  • "I killed her. Her eyes, her arms, her legs... Her dreams, her wishes, her past, her everything, I completely erased it all... And her name, I... That's right. I stole my sister's name... Was born... And then came to Wonderland."
  • "I was given a name. I was given a place to belong. I was given life. Just existing... Even the mere act of drawing breath... Gives me a feeling of ecstasy I can't even begin to express."


  • In Alice in Wonderland, Alice was a little girl with curiosity who, in the Disney cartoons, had long blonde hair, a blue dress, a white apron, and a black bow in her hair.  Curious but serious, she often discussed with residents of Wonderland as to why they were so silly, and she spent many of her travels being abused or ignored by the characters around her, save for the White Knight.  To mirror this, Alice?'s outfit is with short blonde hair, a blue undershirt (dress), a white suit (apron), and a black tie (bow), and has a similar personality if put onto a masculine character.  And, while he's treated far better, he complains twice the amount the book Alice did about how he's ignored or abused or something of the sort.
  • The 88th Alice once asked the Mad Hatter whether he is a bad guy or not. He gave the same response to Alice when he asked the same thing to him.
  • Alice once commented when he was about to be taken to see the Queen, that it would be good if she was the kind of beauty he's into. Unfortunately the Queen was a "he," and he resented the Mad Hatter in a funny way for not telling and even encouraging him for the meeting.
  • In the CD Drama, Alice is not surprised at all when the Cheshire Cat appears at random.  However, in the manga, almost every sudden appearance by the Cheshire Cat is greeted with Alice's surprise or screaming.  A key example is in the Pool of Tears arc; in the drama, when the Cat appears, there's a moment of silence before Alice asks where he came from.  In the manga, Alice screams, falls over, and orders the Cheshire Cat to stop appearing so suddenly. Also, in the manga, it almost feels like every moment described above grows in grandiose nature.
  • Alice is a terrible artist.
  • Alice likes to sleep at ten o'clock.
  • Alice's type is a girl who is beautiful and older than him.
  • Alice's birthplace or birthdate is unknown, though he hints that it was raining when he was born.
  • Alice's desired pet is anything but a cat.


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