A Perfect World

Chapter 18

Kanpekina sekai

A Perfect World is the eighteenth chapter of the Are You Alice? manga series.


"Another story, one of continuing towards what you seek. If the place you wish to finally arrive at exists, you should act in accordance with the chosen book."


Alice draws images of him and other characters "worshipping" him, specifically the Cheshire Cat, the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter and the Knave of Hearts. The Mad Hatter gets his "masterpiece" and rips it into pieces, rejecting it.

Along the way, Caterpillar, the Mad Hatter and Alice found a sign which says: "You've discovered a small bottle on top of the desk! 'Drink Me' is written on the label. Well then, what do you do?" It had another sign pointing to the left which says: "Drink the bottle!" and another pointing to the right which says: "I won't drink anything besides my mother's milk." The Mad Hatter decides that they should take the right one. Caterpillar jokingly comments if Alice had a mother complex, which made Alice speechless.

A second one appeared which asks: "The baby in your care suddenly transformed into a piglet! Well then, what do you do?" Another sign points to the left asking: "Because there's not much difference between a pig and a baby, it's not a problem." and another pointing to the right asking: "Try asking the Cheshire Cat." The Mad Hatter once again answered and chose the left one. Alice thinks that what they are doing is definitely a human rights violation, thinking that question isn't related to being a wimp at all.

The Mad Hatter noticed that all the questions written on the boards that it was not exactly Alice's story. They "met up" with the Castle of Hearts. Caterpillar says that after all, the Wimpy Book is troublesome. She doesn't find a clear path. As the Caterpillar wonders what has exactly happened to the path, she hears a voice that tells her to stay away. She, the Mad Hatter and Alice, all three of them, hear the voice telling them to not come any closer as the current Alice is not Alice. Caterpillar drops the book as something starts oozing out of it and a it turns black. A black blob shoots out of the book, heading straight towards Alice and the Mad Hatter, only the to hit the sign board as the Mad Hatter protects Alice.


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