The "Kill the White Rabbit" game is a "game" where the candidates of Alice of Wonderland are g

iven the "power" to "kill" the White Rabbit by the Queen of Hearts. It is said by the Queen that the idea

of the game originated from the White Rabbit himself, that he's looking for something that he won't ever find.


The rules were stated by the Queen of Hearts when Alice introduces himself as Alice before him. The rules came into force the moment he says that he is indeed Alice when Alice intends to give up, hearing that he must participate in the game. The rules of the game are absolute and only he is the only one the Queen can ask to do it. Furthermore, the White Rabbit can only be killed by Alice.

  • The power to kill the White Rabbit will be given to Alice in Wonderland. If Alice uses that power to kill the White Rabbit, Alice is the winner.
  • "Alice can kill the White Rabbit." On the other hand, "The White Rabbit is unable to kill anyone." That's the extent of the rules given to Alice.
  • The Alice that can kill the White Rabbit is the real Alice. That's what the White Rabbit decided. The game won't end until the real Alice is found.

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